What are you doing right now?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by TheArabHammer, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. I'm at work bored af wanting to be home

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  2. I'm not up to much m8, just masturbating.....
  3. Why am I not surprised
  4. Actually nothing but listening to some music while posting some shit in here.
  5. Good shit what ya listening to
  6. Right now I'm listening to Anthrax, but I'll also listen to Venom.
  7. Reading this thread and coding with Crayo, Xanth, Sean and Jono.
  8. Watching Tyson fights on YouTube.
  9. Good times
  10. Early Tyson I presume
  11. Coding means CODing, right? (Call Of Dutying)
  12. Bingo, just watched him run through Spinks in a minute. He's probably the closest to Dempsey without terrible quality film.
  13. ye
  14. Naa PHP.
  15. For a moment I actually thought Adam knew how to code something. Thought we were facing the ginger uprising for a second.
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  16. I thought so.
    Actually that's what coding really is about, but then I thought about Call of Duty and everything made sense.
  17. 90 mins to go before I leave work:awyeah:
  18. You bitch! I have to work until 5pm today (Eastern US time)!
  19. 230pm AZ time happy hour here I come
  20. 55 minutes till I can go home, but I may stay here one more hour to work on tomorrow's stuff.
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