What are you doing today?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. My list:

    -Watch Everton vs Man City
    -Watch the 3-o-clock kick off games in the BPL
    -Watch the Man United game
    -Watch the Madrid game
    -Watch Nick Diaz vs GSP
    -Be a fag who posts a thread twice.
  2. Celebrate my grandpas birthday
    Eat cake
    Possibly watch Diaz vs GSP
  3. Eating a blueberry muffin.
    Right done
    Watch some DIaz vs GSP
    Decide whether to grow a beard
    Find out why some idiot is still calling me Nathan
  4. Studying .
    Watching Madrid match .
    Hang out with frens
    But as always ... Ill end here LOL
  5. Cry because Middlesbrough will get beat again.
    Laugh because Sunderland will lose.
    Get bored.
    Watch Breaking Bad.
    Watch Dexter.
    Watch House of Cards.
    Watch The Usual Suspects.
    Watch The Walking Dead.
    Phone my mates and rip the piss out of them for getting beat.
    Feel sorry for myself for being the only Middlesbrough fan.
    Eat Ice cream and cry.
    Watch more Breaking Bad.

  6. Fap.
    Kingdom Hearts.
    Go out.
    Avoid the police for fapping in public.
    Arrive home.
    Eat again.
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  7. Blueberry muffins :yes::yes::yes:

    Nice post Nathan.

    Sunderland :haha:
  8. Go food shopping.
    Record my first YouTube commentary.
    Play Blacklight: Retribution
  9. Get up.
    Play Animal Crossing
    Get Dressed
    Go into town
    Buy Things
    Go home
    Play Video games
    Eat again
  10. Drive home to pick up my sister
    Drive 2 hours to take her to her soccer match
    Watch 12 year old girls play soccer
    Drive 2 hours back to my Mom's house
    Watch UFC 158

    should be a ton o fun
  11. Sup JeebaK.
  12. He said girls :pity2:
  13. Feeling pretty fucking ill.. so probably sleep.
  14. -Going to compete at my dance competition.
  15. It's my sisters competitive team bro. I watch the game as a fan, not a perv. I get fucking heated watching them because the coach is so poor and they always look like shit.

    No spacing, one touch boots instead of passing it about, shotty D, poor managerial decisions.. it is hard to watch sometimes.

    Plus half the time my sister acts like she doesn't want to play, lollygagging about.. then the other half of the time she is scoring 1-2 goals and looking like the best player on the pitch.
  16. Didn't ask for your life story.
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  17. Someone's salty I called him Mussolini
  18. Bitch please that's the biggest compliment I've had all day :haha:
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