What are you doing?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Mike., Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Must be a really boring movie for you to post this.

    I am currently listening to Linkin Park - New Divide, and browsing WF
  2. Just finished whooping ass on Fifa 12 and spending time with my niece.
  3. I'm just listening to some music is all. I actually liked that Final Destination a lot. Saw it a few weeks back. What torrent sites do you guys usually use?
  4. Don't torrent personally, I'm a streamer. Never watched any final-destination, they worth watching?
  5. Yeah, I mean they aren't "great" movies, but they are fun to watch. The newest one is in 3D so if you have the opportunity to watch on a 3D enabled TV, its a pretty cool experience. If you do watch them, do it in order, because the fifth one kind of ties back with the first one in the latter of the film.
  6. Any brief-summary of what they're about? Also, I've never actually watched anything in 3D before. I know right? How old-fashioned am I?

    I want to though.
  7. Well they are all based on the same scenario. A group of people are doing something and someone in that group has an epiphany/deja vu/vision that a tragedy is about to occur. He proceeds to save his group of friends right before they tragedy really happens, thus cheating death. "Death doesn't like to be cheated", and they begin to die in the order that they would have in his vision, until the chain is broken.
  8. I don't recommend them personally Crayo, depends what you're into though.

    That summary though pretty much sums up all the films lol, hats off to Suits :emoji_slight_smile:.
  9. Not much, just browsing on the forums and facebook n stuff.
  10. demonoid is easy as shit, its simple as hell to use.

    eating some m &ms
  11. I prefer thepiratebay coupled with uTorrent. :3
  12. Look at ya'll breaking the law!
  13. Don't watch any Final Destinations, they suck.
  14. Your all law breakers and will be reported to the goverment.... By someone who can be arsed reporting you, i cba :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. :troll:

    As for the thread title, currently arguing with Mike on Skype.
  16. I just saw "The Mechainist (2004).. damn that was a good movie. The actor, Christian Bale, lost 60+ pounds for the role.