What Are You Going To Do First On The WWE Network?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. WWE Uploaded a video with Natalya and The Bella's talking about what they are going to do first on the Network and was wondering what will you guys do first? There is a 1 week free trial with full access to everything and I expect a lot of people here to buy it like myself. It will have episodes of Raw, Smackdown and NXT, every PPV, replays of the latest shows and NXT Arrival.
  2. Watch as many old PPVs as I can in one sitting and continue to ponder about what happened to WWE.
  3. Can't say I wont do the same haha. I hope the thing I have to access American Netflix will let me access WWE Network. Would be awesome. I am going to watch Wrestlemania 15 Rock Vs Austin, Love that match.
  4. I'm watching RR 2001 and then X Seven. I was at X Seven when I was seven and it was the best fucking thing ever.
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  5. X-Seven is a personal favourite of mine. Dat Austin heel turn, Jericho Vs Regal, Angle Vs Benoit, Triple Threat TLC Match even the hardcore title match. Saddens me how different Mania is nowadays.
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  6. X seven will always be the best PPV WWE has ever done. Everything was perfect, and I can't believe I got to be there live for the experience. As for the network, I'll probably also watch some Smackdown replays.
  7. Hope they have some old smackdown replays, would love to watch Angle Vs Benoit Ultimate Submission Match.
  8. Two words: Ron Simmons.

    And I mean WCW Ron Simmons.
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  9. 4 Words: Panties and bra matches.
  10. I don't think that old show replays will be on there, only the current ones.
  11. I can only hope. They said something about old episodes playing so I guess it will be at random so I will need to look out for it
  12. I'm thinking about doing a huge marathon of every PPV the WWF/E has ever done, starting with the inaugural Wrestlemania (since I doubt there's any real existing footage from those old Showdown In Shea Stadium events from the 70's anymore) all the way to the Elimination Chamber this year. Not that I haven't seen 98% of them at least once or twice before, but still.
  13. I think I'm gonna start at the oldest show or PPV they have and go in order a lil a day till I catch up to now.
  14. I believe it begins at Wrestlemania 1 and then from there its ever WCW, ECW and WWE PPV to happen.
  15. Nothing because I live in Europe.
  16. Well I'll start there than and go in order, I'll even switch between feds as they come about till thier demise.
  17. I hope they have Nitro episodes, would love to watch the NWO rising and then how ridiculous the show got near the end.
  18. They gotta have it ppl gna wanna watch WCw and EWC shows as well not just PPVs
  19. Yeah, I want to see the full show where they had the finger poke of doom. They hyped it up so much and was just like fuck you. I find it funny but if I was a fan back then I would be pissed.
  20. Why not watch his WWE Title match? Undertaker (c) vs Farooq! :yay: Farooq was gonna win, but the damn white guy distracted him :aries:
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