What are you looking forward to most in WWE 13, if anything?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Urn Anderson, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. I would have to say the return of the special guest referee match, and the attitude version of Chris Jericho :jericho: yours?
  2. Nothing, the game looks horrible.
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  3. The ultra realistic graphics.
  4. Spending $60 on the same game that was released last year.
  5. I'm hoping that Universe is fixed. That is all.

    So much potential. If it isn't broken like last years, I'll pirate buy this game day one.

    I honestly couldn't give any less of a fuck about the rest of the game.
  6. I would really like it if they fixed the problems with the CAW teams. I can't stand that if I make a team of CAW's that their entrance doesn't work. Also, I think I read that they made diva's able to compete in more types of matches but that may not be true. Would be nice if so though.
  7. Meh, nothing in particular.
  8. Absolutely nothing :jericho:
  9. Pretty much this. Though I'll be tempted to buy it if it has Ambrose + will have updated Ziggler and Bryan. That's it though.
  10. Not bothering with it. Looking forward to renting, and seeing the horrible ratings. Undertaker? 100. Db? 75.
  11. I'd happily play if the Superstars crowd was there, but they left them out in favor of the Attitude Era.

    I'll be back, need to apply ice to my swollen face.
  12. If DB's beard is in it I'll buy it faster than you can say YES!
  13. I hope they have a lot more parts for WWE 13 in the custom superstar mode.
  14. I hardly doubt it'll have Ambrose. He hasn't debuted and the cut-off date for the roster is WM with few exceptions if I recall correctly. Unless he debuts right away, I don't think he'll even make DLC.

    And the folks at THQ charge extra for you to be able to change the attributes. :bury:
  15. This from what I have seen looks so bad!

    Not that matters if a lot of content but even the matches don't look fluid!
  16. I didn't like WWE 12' I don't think I'm going to like WWE 13' so I'm not really looking forward to anything. WWE is stupid that they don't include General Manager mode where you can create your own Rivalries and compete for Ratings like they did in Smackdown vs Raw 2007.
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