Payback What are you looking forward to seeing at Payback?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Brad., Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. The card is pretty bad but there are a few matches that I am interested in watching.

    Punk v Jericho stands out and, assuming Punk shows up, this could be match of the year imo.
    Ziggler retaining vs ADR will be good to see and finally an end to that god awful feud.
    The Tag Team Championships match will be great if it focuses on Bryan and includes an Orton heel turn.
    Also, I like tables matches so a bit of interest in Cena v Ryback.
  2. Punk & Jericho will be a good match. So that interest's me. Instead of Orton turning heel I would much prefer to see Bryan turn heel & have him feud with Cena over the summer. Although an Orton heel turn is very much needed also.
  3. I'm looking forward to the Jericho/Punk match since I'm a huge fan of both. Also, I'm looking forward to the Divas title match between AJ and Kaitlyn. After AJ's promo Monday night, I think it could be a good match.

  4. I think AJ might walk away with the belt on Sunday. :woo1:
  5. CM Punk's return and how that whole angle plays out.

  6. Even though I like Kaitlyn, I hope AJ wins the Divas title. She's the most over Diva in the division and could bring a lot of attention to the division.
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  7. Hopefully it will give it some attention, I'm still waiting for Paige to get promoted from NXT. Then the Diva's division will have my full attention.:otunga:

  8. I've heard some nice things about Paige so hopefully she can make an impact on the division as well once she's brought to the main roster
  9. Paige won't be a long term way to save the divas division sadly.
    Very lacking in character depth and reason to care for her. Once the novelty of the "anti diva" weares of she will be nothing else than a gothic Alicia Fox with better ring skills.
  10. Hopefully.

    Hopefully Paige will be promoted as part of a Trio like The Shield. I like Paige but I agree she isn't a long term solution to save the Divas division. What's happened to Alicia Fox?
  11. Fox mainly does charity work for the WWE so she is filling a part for the company that way. She's also involved in the new Diva reality series for E. Paige character doesn't fit into any kind of group dynamic that I can come up with right now except maybe the Ascension but they don't need a female member.

    The two NXT divas who are most likely to be long term big parts of the divas roster are in my opinion Summer Rae and Emma. Summer isn't as good in ring as Paige or Emma but she is decent and her and Emma have the positive of having characters you can do more with than the goth gimmick Paige has.
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