Football What are you most excited for next season? (Football)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. I am so fucking pumped for next season for so many reasons. There are big coach changes at so many big clubs.
    • Pep Guardiola makes his dramatic return to a team that just dominated Germany, and the rest of Europe, after winning a triple. New Barcelona perhaps? Too early to tell, but I don't think so. Possibly the best team around right now though.
    • Real Madrid (currently manager-less) will probably appoint Ancelotti.
    • Manchester United lose Sir Alex Ferguson, but hire someone similar in many ways. How will Moyes handle the big time?
    • Manchester City sacked the guy who made them win 3 trophies in 4 seasons (think it was that), and hired Pellegrini. How will he fair in the BPL?
    • Jose Mourinho is finally back to the BPL, the league he loves in the country that loves him.
    Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea - all change their managers in one season. What are the chances?
    Furthermore, we have some big player moves.
    • NEYMAR has finally arrived in Europe, and now is with the team I think is perfect for him - Barcelona. Will be fascinating to see how he plays in Europe.
    • Gotze joining Bayern Munich. One of my favourite players in the world atm.
    • Falcao, Moutinho, Rodriguez, among others to Monaco! The new rich French team that is signing everyone for absurd fees.
    • Jesus Navas to Man City - will he get home sick?
    • Schurlee (can't spell this) to Chelsea.
    Plus, the rumours!
    • Will Bale leave? United or Madrid? Will he just stay at Spurs?
    • Will Ronaldo return to United if Bale doesn't arrive? He says all news of him renewing a contract are false.
    • Who will Real Madrid replace Higuain with? Suarez and Cavani are heavily linked (maybe both?)
    • Who will Liverpool replace Suarez with if he goes?
    • Lewandowski is in his final year of his contract, and Dortmund refuse to sell him to Bayern, so where will he end up at?
    • Rooney has written a transfer request. Will he stay? Will he go? Where to? Who replaces him?
    • Arsenal have hundreds of millions to spend, how will they repair the worst team in Wenger's reign?
    • Who else will Chelsea buy under Mourinho?
    • Can Baines remain at Everton?
    • Does Isco remain at Malaga? If not, Man City or Real Madrid?
    • Thiago might be leaving Barca, where to?
    I am so pumped for the Bundesliga, Liga BBVA, Ligue 1 (will be a first for me actively watching it), and more importantly the BPL. The BPL will once again be the most exciting league to watch, that's a guarantee. SO many changes. What are you guys most excited for? There's so much I have probably missed in this thread, so help me add them on.
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  2. same here crayo weekends with no football ain't the same the championship is gunna be great as always as well also looking forward to the cl hard to pick a winner at the min
  3. Damn forgot the championship. Getting into that next year as well. The Championship last year was so entertaining. I only watched the second half though :emoji_slight_frown:.
  4. I read this in the way they start SSN at the top of the hour :lol1: Great post though, apart from Ligue 1 (hate france in general) it's going to be an amazing year of football. Very much looking forward to 99% of what you posted :yay:

    *gives rep*
  5. oh and the world cup starts at the end the season that'll be great as well
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  6. Oh hell yeah. Forgot about that. So pumped for that.

    Confederations cup starts tomorrow too :yay:!
  7. Mainly just looking forward to seeing how Pellegrini is in the Premier-League. I'm happy now he's signed. Hopefully this will mean we'll get Isco or at least one step closer. :boss1:
  8. You're competing with Madrid for Isco. Tough team; possibly the hardest team to compete with. If you get him though then you're so fucking lucky :emoji_slight_frown:.

    City will do well under Pellegrini imo.

  9. The reason why I think we're probably favorites for Isco is because he and Pellegrini have the same agent. Isco has said in numerous interviews he see's Pellegrini as his "Footballing Father Figure" and want's to continue working for him. Hopefully we'll get him. I want to sing this song...

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  10. Lmao. If you get him, it'll be even harder to hate City, since it'll have so many Spaniards that I love :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Whilst he loves Pellegrini though, Spain is his homeland. He has a house there and probably family. He could remain in the same league, country, but play for the biggest team (or one of). You probably are favourites though. Dammit.
  11. Breaks my heart that we're not in for any Spanish midfielders, or many midfielders with craft and creativity. We're clearly the team that needs them the most atm lmao.

  12. Isn't David Moyes after Cesc Fibreglass?
  13. We were "interested" - we're apparently interested in everyone - but Fabregas shot that idea down. I'm not sure if Moyes was really interested or not. Though I can't see anyone not being interested in an available Cesc Fabregas.

  14. David Moyes spends 10 years at Everton without any money, now he's like a kid who hasn't eaten chocolate before in Willy Wonka's factory. What's a bit of everything.. :jesse:
  15. Jonathan - Will Sunderland survive?
  16. 12th place

  17. Not a bad prediction- hopefully Stoke will go down.. :woo1:
  18. Source?
  19. His twitter account.
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