Boxing What are you thinking about sport and steroid?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by DSmith, Jul 14, 2016.

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  1. I have a problem
    Recently I decided that I wanted to become stronger and bigger.
    My coach told me to start accept steroids. After all,it's not secret, that steroids is
    the most effective means for a set of lean muscle mass and increase strength. I decided to try.
    But I don't where i can find legal steroids, and what steroids would I accept.My friend with whom we go to the gym,
    advised me a website where you can buy And are you thinking about it?Do you like the results? That I need?
  2. Steroids are for idiots, and your trainer is too unless you are already in some seriously good shape. Diet, proper nutrition, and workouts are the way to go if you want to bulk the fuck up...but why? If you want it to be obvious to everyone in the world via veins and outburts and end up having tits when you quit, go for it.

    Steroids are awful, and if you are buying Roids and want to be that way, you need to Darkweb.
  3. Drugs are bad, M'kay.
  4. Taking steroids doesn't do anything but give you chemically induced muscle. No major sport, whether it be pro-wrestling or pro-powerlifting, disallows steroids. It's a horrible move for your sports career. You are likely to be banned/suspended for many months/years at a time along with the shame and reputation. And even if that doesn't happen, you will feel the physical affects. You may get muscle, but there's a lot of side-effects.

    Also, it's very unlikely you can get legal steroids, and get the same results as illegal steroids.

    Bottom line. Don't be stupid, and keep away from roids.
  5. Steroids suck, get some chocolate protein shakes instead.
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  9. Pretty certain you're all just talking about sports and steroids in a spambot thread.

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  10. Why would you do sports and take steroids? That just means you're cheating and aren't as good as people think you are. If you do steroids, you're a little bitch lol. Practice and work out and then you'll be as good as you want to be without having to be a little bitch, what a world.
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