TV What are you watching right now?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 9, 2014.

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    Thought it'd be cool to have a thread like this, since we've got the 'What song are you listening to?' thread.

    [Can we have this thread stickied, mods? Please, I'd be grateful.]

    Anyways, right now I'm watching this... Enjoying it. Vince Russo is pretty much right about everything he says.

  2. I'm watching Nathan For You, it's pretty funny.. although I do have a liking bias for those types of shows "sarcastic, straight faced, comedy".
  3. I love this guy!
  4. Watching 'Ready To Rumble'. Wow, haven't watched this one in years... Classic!
  5. Watched My Name Is Earl Last Night. Because, Fuck Sleep. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Idk, just finished a couple of shows actually.. it's time to choose two new ones that I can go back and forth between, usually I like to do a drama or action show and then a comedic show to balance it out.

    Right now I'm re-watching the first couple seasons of Community and then re-watching the first season of Raising Hope until I find the two shows I'm looking for.
  7. Try these two:

    I would also recommend The Walking Dead and The Following
  8. Good for you, man.
  9. Sometimes, I also get really bored.. I'm looking for a seasonal job that will give me like 15-20 hrs a week so I can just chill and make a little extra cash..

    I think I'm bout to start watching American Horror Story with my lady friend.
  10. Well, yeah, getting bored is the downside of it... Good luck finding a job, though. It's really hard finding one here where I live.

    AHS is not really my thing, but if some of my lady friends wanted me to watch it with 'em, I certainly would.
  11. Personally I want her to start Sons of Anarchy with me, I feel like we'd both have decent interests in that show rather than only one of us being interested in AHS because personally I don't care to watch AHS..

    as for the job thing yeah it's pretty hard, I'm definitely just going to look for a seasonal job, most likely at Toys R' Us, Babies R' Us, Goodwill.. etc.. Definitely not going to settle for Fast Food, I've done that once and it was soo shitty..
  12. Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. Sons of Anarchy is something I wanna watch, as well. It's getting a lot of praise from what I've gathered, so I'll most likely start watching it soon. I've been meaning to watch it for months now, but never really got to it, at the time I was finishing up my senior year, so it kinda got lost in the shuffle...

    Good call on wanting to watch something like SoA with your lady friend, than AHS, though.
  13. Found the next comedy/sitcom I will pair a show up with.. it's called "About a Boy" the pilot was pretty decent. Never even heard of the show before until now but apparently they're doing second season or it's already out or something.
  14. I just watched the first few episodes of Flashpoint yesterday, and I'm kinda iffy on it. It hasn't had any sort of continuation yet which I don't like.
  15. Cannot. Fucking. Wait.
  16. Just watched the first episode of American Dad to air on TBS (they've posted in on youtube one week early).

    Seems to be the same writing style but with a bit more edge to the comedy. Stan came off as slightly dumber than usual in a few scenes but it was still the best out of the McFarlane series.
  17. American Horror Story is fucking awesome... I've watched all 3 seasons and the first episode from the current season..

    Why are you hesitant to watch it? It's gritty, dark, violent, and scary at some points.. it's good TV.
  18. People love to argue with me that American Dad is not the best of his series.. I have no idea why they don't think so but after like 30 minutes of trying to explain to them I usually just give the fuck up.
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