What are your favourite shoots/worked shoots ? Includes poll.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Heyman on Vince

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  2. Joey Styles

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  3. CM Punk calls Cena the New York Yankees

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  4. Heyman ECW One Night Stand

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  5. CM Punk

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  6. HBK on Hogan

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  7. Other (Please state.)

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  1. Try and keep it to Solely event produced under the WWE/F banner.

    Paul Heyman on how Vince McMahon stole his dream.

    The emotion in Paul's voice you can tell it's his true feelings. Anyone who has seen ECW would know every point he made was true. The WWF did steal it's attitude from Extreme Championship Wrestling. ​

    Joey Styles on Raw

    This shoot highlights everything that's wrong with the wwe commentary teams.​

    CM Punk compares John Cena to the New York Yankees​

    From 7:15 ​

    This is too close to the bone to be a promo. It basically shows every issue people have with John Cena. He's always the underdog but he never loses.​

    Paul Heyman ECW One Night Stand 2005

    It shows the passion what made ECW great and has one of the greatest lines I've heard to JBL "You were only wwe champion for a year because HHH didn't want to work Tuesdays. ​

    CM Punk

    I'm not a huge fan of this but it had some major impact and was so rare for WWE programming in this era.​

    HBK on Hogan.

    "On camera I'm a great guy but when the camera goes off it's a different story. " Sums up Hogan well imo.​

    Feel free to add some in.
  2. RE: What are your favourite shoots/worked shoots ?

    You've literally posted every shoot promo I know :emoji_slight_frown:. Out of all of those, the bottom & Paul Heymans shoots are my favourite. I don't really know any-more, even though you'll probably jog my memory soon.
  3. @[seabs], what about the shoot of HHH firing Vince McMahon? That's a good one.

    Out of all of these, I'm going to have to go with Joey Styles though.
  4. That wasn't a shoot? Shoots are when people are not following the script and saying whatever the f**k they want on the mic. Saying what they think. Worked shoots are like CM Punks one. He spoke as if it was a shoot but WWE planned him too, it was all part of a story-line, hence why it's a "worked shoot".
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