What are your favourite vignettes?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. We have had some decent ones in recent years with Wyatt's current set, Jericho's "it begins" and Undertaker's one. I'm a big fan of the creativity of each one to be honest. What's your favourite vignettes of all time though? There has inevitably been loads I have probably missed.
  2. It begins. It was so great. A bit creepy.
  3. Not my favorite but for some reason this was the first to come to mind:

    so disappointing how that all turned out. She could have brought some legitimate interest to that shithole they call a women's division.
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  4. Mr.Perfect obvs! I also really enjoyed Razor's.
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  5. Not my favorite but the Barrage vignettes were well done in my opinion. Then it turned out it was just Wade with a beard and less direction.
  6. Oh shit piss yea Razor Ramon had the GOAT vignettes

  7. Show Spoiler

    Really though, the Wyatt ones really sum it up for me. I love those. These are good too.
  8. The Big Valbowski

  9. I'm posting some of the best old school vignettes I like since a lot of people here might not have ever seen them.

    Already posted above but these are great. How can one see these and not look forward to this character debuting:

    I also liked "The Model" Rick Martel's Arrogance cologne vignettes. Underrated gimmick and performer, we could use this same persona today:

    Mr. Perfect also had some vignettes that showed him performing different tasks "perfectly" (Football, Bowling, Baseball, Golf, Chess, Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis) to prepare people for what his perfection in wrestling would be (I'm only posting a few, and they're all super short):

    This guy wasn't WWF Champion?
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