What are your most favorite WWE video games of all time?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aztecwarrior480, May 12, 2015.

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  1. My obvious favorite has to be a tie between WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain and Smackdown Shut Your Mouth(both on the PS2), along with the very first Smackdown game(on PS1) and Smackdown 2: Know Your Roles being behind HCTP and SYM. All of these great WWE games had no limitations at all in their gameplay. You can even put WWE divas in Elimination Chamber matches mixed with male wrestlers. That's how much fun the older WWE games were and I just missed those days.

    It's too bad all of the previous WWE games have sucked so bad. 2K15 has got to be the worst WWE game I've ever played. 2K15 had too many damn limitations on what you can do. You can't create female wrestlers and you can't even create Chris Benoit as your CAW because you'll get banned from the 2K Sports online game service for it. That's how bad the most recent WWE games have sucked.

    Anyways, what's your favorite WWE game?
  2. SmackDown 2. Kitchen fights were the best.
  3. Either Smackdown 2 or Smackdown Here Comes the Pain
  4. WWF Warzone, GOAT mechanics of all time
  5. ones from my childhood because everything was awesome then and everything sucks now
  6. I haven't played any new wrestling games in a long, long time. Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth is literally the most recent one I've played, and that one was over ten years ago that I played.

    I still say No Mercy on the N64 is the king. I used to be obsessed with that game, especially with the Royal Rumble match they made you play through at the beginning of WWF Championship mode and how I'd always try to break my record of eliminations each time I played it.
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  7. I remember WWF No Mercy on N64. You can even do a Royal Rumble match backstage in that game by adding the falls count anwhere pin option to eliminate them. lol
  8. SvR 2008 and SD: HCTP were ace. Indeed I have fond memories of them because I played them when I was younger, maybe if I picked them up today they wouldn't seem as good to me, but still. I haven't played 2k15 yet, don't really have the time anymore, so I won't bury the new games or anything.
  9. Besides SYM I'd say WM21 on the original Xbox was pretty fun from what I remember.
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    A smackdown game on an old playstation 1. My brother and I would be Kane & Undertaker, and we'd fight one of the divas in a 2-1 handicap, falls count anywhere, no DQ match. Great times.

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  11. Here I go showing my age yet again. I would have to say my favorite ever is the Royal Rumble on the Super Nintendo. Now, there are much better games than this now and I likely will play the new ones more than this, but I'll always remember this game. The previous game Super Wrestlemania was pretty terrible. I was working at Six Flags at the time and I was a few days before turning 18. I knew it was coming for months since I had always bought every issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated back then. I picked it up in the morning, worked an 8 hour shift at work and just sat there looking at it as I waited for my bus. It was such a thrill for me to have a game where Ric Flair was a playable character. I actually forbade anyone else from playing him :emoji_slight_smile:

    My best friend at the time and me played this game every day for months. Since they didn't have champions, we bought a dry erase board and did that ourselves. If there has ever been a video game I definitely got my money worth from, it was Royal Rumble. I still play it a few times a year 22 years later.
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  12. It's not WWE related, but pro-wrestling on the NES would have to be my #1 fav wrestling game. [​IMG]
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  13. I still play this one. My favorite is The Amazon. I love making him chew on his opponent's head.
  14. No Mercy for N64
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