WrestleMania What are your plans for WM31?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. Seeing as it's a pretty big PPV event for the WWE I was curious what all "special plans" people have going on for the show. For me I'll have my tablet handy so I can live discuss the show on the forums but I will be at a decent sized viewing party filled with all sorts of food, alcohol among a few other things to enjoy during the show.

    Then we're going to hold a Mario Kart tournament right afterwords which has nothing to do with WWE at all but it's going to be a pretty fun night, haven't done something like this since freshman year of college.

    Well that's what I'm upto, now what are you guys & gals planning on doing?
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  2. Sleeping and watch the show the next day:zayn:
  3. Since I don't really know anyone who watches wrestling I'll probably just get some baked chips, and something to drink while I watch it. Who knows, maybe I'll set up a Skype call going on for the event.
  4. I have the day after off from work so I can watch it live. Probably going to binge on snacks and soda and just enjoy the show.
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  5. Binge-watching Curb Your Enthusiasm.
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  6. Hoping to have the day off after in which case a bar in town is showing it live so as a UK fan on that. Drinking time!
  7. Skype call? :cornette:
  8. Going to a friend's place for a viewing party.
  9. I don't know bro. I haven't watch wrestlin' for several years.
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  10. Very similar to my plans. Going to get pizza, snacks and cola. My sister and I will watch the show while chatting here in the live discussion. I will likely watch the HOF ceremony the night before and some of my favorite past Wrestlemania moments during the weekend.

    Even when Wrestlemania doesn't put forth the best promotion or hype, it's still Wrestlemania and a day to splurge.

    I would tell you what kind of drinks I would have, but I get teased enough without it :emoji_wink:
  11. There's actually a local bar that always shows the WWE PPVs. I've never been there before. If I am not getting my bars confused, it's called "Best Head" and I REALLY cannot walk into a bar called that.
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  12. Why wouldn't you go with that name? :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. I'm not even sure which weekend it is tbh. I'll watch it after the fact so I can skip all the nonsense. Not too excited for it but you have to check out Mania just to see what happens. Only really looking forward to the Main Event, ladder match, Sting's entrance and... that's about it. They BETTER do something crazy for Sting's entrance. His Fastlane appearance was shit.
  14. Yeah, Borden/Levesque is pretty much the only thing I'm interested in, simply because it's fucking Borden at SportsEntertainmentMania, and Levesque can still go.

    Reins/Bork will be good if they give Bork a long session where he just beats him half to death, leading to inevitable babyface comeback. They should go simple and effective with it.

    Ladder Match is just a different name for MITB, it's going to be a generic WWE spotfest for a shitty prop no one cares for.
  15. idk yet.
    If something pops up, I might do that instead, but since it's a Sunday, likelihood is I'll be stuck watching it.
  16. I agree it is just a MITB match for the IC title, but with Ziggler & Bryan in it I am somewhat intrigued. Honestly can't name the rest of the competitors outside of Barrett or Ambrose, but oh well. If HHH is ready to re-emphasize the IC belt, which they should be, then it should be a great kickstart for that. If the winner goes back to doing nothing with the belt its all for nothing. Either way the match should be entertaining, though I agree it will be pretty ordinary in terms of WWE ladder matches. We don't have the investment of a real storyline to prevent it from being anything other than that. That said, it can still provide some cool "Omg who will win?!" moments toward the end with false finishes and the like.

    Idk, could be great or could be just good. I don't see it being boring by any stretch
  17. I wasn't going to watch it, but then I realized that I'll have the day after WM off university (the entire week, actually) so I guess I'll watch it on a bad stream as I complain on the internet about the booking. I literally won't have anything better to do.
  18. Probably watching at home on the network by myself since I have no friends. No change from any other PPV really.
  19. Well, I'll sleep during the show and when I'll wake up, I'm going to watch replay. Hopefully I won't watch the results..
  20. Sounds incredibly depressing :please:
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