What are your snacks of choice tonight?

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  1. Almost all of us eat during the PPV's, what will you be eating? Getting myself a chicken feast large pizza with chicken strippers as a side, with a bottle of coke and/or milkshake.
  2. Pizza and soda.. like every other PPV
  3. Cool Ranch Doritos with a Big Gulp filled up with Dew, and I'm good.
  4. Cereal and a cup of coffee. Perhaps some leftover pizza if I get the munchies later down the PPV, but considering I usually have three bowels at a time I probably won't be hungry.
  5. Daim Mikados and Strawberry Haribos
  6. Not sure yet, Bought some stuff last week but kinda ate it, Toast maybe.
  7. Three flippin' soddin' pizzas for me and Taily!

    But seriously, I dunno, I'm watching it tomorrow morning so probably just Irn-Bru and some left over fortune cookies. I have good perspectives, and I can achieve anything with perseverance.
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  8. Irn-Bru! Good man!
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  9. Popcorn, possibly some tacos
    Dat Kid (El nino)

  10. Marked.
  11. Tempted to find that old mask and make a meme in response

  12. :yay: You marked for me!
  13. Starting to think that tastes like cat piss
  14. It does
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    [​IMG] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  16. :stfu:
  17. Dammit Adam, spoiler those images. Btw I'm a pescatarian so i don't eat tacos.

    & Mountain Dew > UK Cat Piss
  18. Bru even looks like cat piss.
  19. Probably nothing.
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