What are your thought's on the new Inductee in the TNA HOF?

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    What are your thoughts on Angle in the TNA Hall of Fame? I was genuinely mad last night when they announced him as the latest Hall of Fame inductee. Like, why would they put him ahead of AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett?

    Then I sort of realized that these rumors of Angle heading to WWE has been going on for a while, and I doubt WWE would allow Angle to go into their Hall of Fame in his contract, so they might as well do it now.

    If you have a better theory, tell me, so I don't get pissed as much.
  2. I was fine with it. Many weren't happy because really, some have done more with TNA than Angle, but I think Angle deserves it in a big way. I don't see him being inducted into WWE's unless he made a big return with a full contract, so I think it's fine he's in TNA's.
  3. Him being the second inductee doesn't bother me. He's clearly a top-four inductee next to JJ and AJ, they're coming so no reason to complain about the order.

    Pretty surprised they didn't talk up him being a Hall of Famer in the match or work an angle about it though like they did last year.
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  4. It's really a shame he entered before Jarrett, Joe or AJ, but whatever the fuck - he won the gold medal with the broken freakin' neck and was the boss of the Main Event Mafia! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. This year it should be Jarrett the one who entered the hall of fame, it's a shame. He won a gold medal more than 10 years ago, it's cool but because of that making him hall of famer? Kurt wasn't in TNA since the day 1 like for example AJ Styles
  6. I would have went with JJ 2nd, Angle 3rd, so no real complaints as long as Jarrett is next.
  7. Glad Kurt mentioned Jarrett though, it was classy, considering their rich history and real-life drama.
  8. No problem, I liked it.
  9. I have a slight issue with it to be honest. He obviously deserves it, but I honestly prefer stars being inducted either after they have retired or are close to it (Sting). They could have used this opportunity to induct Jarrett while Angle is still active week-in-week-out and then induct Angle when he's coming towards the end of his TNA run. I actually believe AJ deserves the HOF spot more than Kurt, but AJ is actively wrestling as well in a big way, so for him to be a HOF so soon is sort of a pet-peeve of mine.
  10. Kurt was possibly their biggest signing of all time, he was in his prime in the E and they got him. He deserves for his impact on and off screen brother.
  11. I still put Styles above him for what he's done in TNA, how long he's been there, his loyalty, etc. He's a company guy. The TNA John Cena.

  12. AJ going in with his story would be weird as fuck lol.
  13. Yeah, I was thinking about that. The story is all about TNA never backing him up while he gave everything for the company and they just go "oh hey enter our HoF". Weird indeed.

  14. I suppose it could have been used as a bargaining tool to get him on their side, trying to make him see the light. Although that cheapens it more than them even having one.
  15. Yeah, putting the guy in for him to take their side as part of a storyline (him deserving it or not) is off-putting.
  16. Eh, I'm cool with it. He's certainly earned it, and the order of how they are inducted doesn't really bother me so much, just as long as all the right guys get inducted.
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