What are your thoughts on the PG Era?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The Kliq, Feb 3, 2014.

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  1. I don't understand some WWE fans' frustration with the current product. But I really don't understand why the PG Era is the worst thing that has happened to wrestling since the Montreal Screwjob.

    There are some things I'd like to point out that makes the PG Era very successful.

    1. The wrestling product in WWE has improved significantly since the Attitude Era. The Attitude Era was NOT known for it's wrestling matches. Outside of that barbaric spectacle between the Undertaker and Mick Foley in Hell In A Cell, how many matches can anybody cite for it's merits AS a good wrestling match? The Attitude Era was full of over the top CHARACTERS talking and doing skits. They didn't wrestle much at all. Today, they do. Nobody is going to mistake the WWE as Ring of Honor or New Japan, but there are quite a few very talented workers in the WWE. The fans need to put their focus back on the wrestling matches, instead of waiting around, hoping for The Rock to come out, raise his eyebrow, and talk about monkey anuses.

    2. The lack of blood, the somewhat of a decrease in the exploitation of the women and the sharp drop in profanity. Take a look at wrestling for women during the 90s. It completely destroyed what credibility they had in wrestling. They went from being respected workers and entertaining valets and managers, to little more than porn extras, fake boobs and big hair, cat fighting for our amusement. Blood in wrestling matches got so out of hand in the 90s that it lost all meaning and became nothing more than cartoon blood letting. The same for the ridiculous overuse of "weapons". Wrestling became nothing more than a live version of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Wrestlers don't bleed because they CAN, they bleed to add more drama to the story they're trying to tell. The fans lost sight of that, and came to a live event expecting it to be bloodbaths in every match. The wrestlers were killing themselves (sometimes literally) only to be booed if they didn't bleed enough. The lack of all this keeps the money flowing in and ensures the well being of promotion and has made parents more comfortable to bring their children to WWE live events and watch WWE programming. Sometimes the tastes of a few have to be sacrificed to protect the bottomline.

    3. There are alternatives if you feel the need to bash. You want blood? Go watch Combat Zone Wrestling. You hate story lines? Go watch Ring of Honor. You want the Attitude Era all over again: "Cross the line" and go watch Impact Wrestling. This one always falls on deaf ears. The "WWE fans" have such a strong (misguided) loyalty to Vince and the WWE that they refuse to even consider watching anything but the WWE, no matter how often they complain about it. There is such a wide variety of wrestling promotions and wrestling shows out there, that those "WWE fans" are really short-changing themselves by whining about the WWE but continue to watch. You want Vince to change various things about the WWE? Hit him where it hurts: his wallet. Just stop watching the WWE, and better yet watch other promotions. As long as more fans watch the WWE, no matter what Vince puts on, he'll keep doing what he's doing. You have nothing to blame but yourselves. Either watch WWE and accept what Vince does put on TV, or watch other promotions.

    4. WWE public relations have improved significantly since toning down of their act. Politicians aren't hounding them as before during the Attitude Era, when several representatives have attempted to have WWE taken off the air. The WWE has done a remarkable turnaround. The WWE seen (again) by the mainstream as family entertainment. Big-money advertisers are lining up, the Government isn't hounding anymore, the media has stopped digging around the WWE trash cans looking for scandals, WWE performers (especially John Cena) are in demand in other forms of entertainment and make frequent appearances on other TV shows.

    5. Did I mention that the wrestling has improved significantly? There are programs that come on now that actually have WRESTLING on them and don't have 60% promos 40% of wrestling. Granted sometimes WWE overkills with some of the wrestlers promos, but otherwise they usually keep the show balanced. True Raw sometimes does too much promos and less wrestling, but it has reduced over the years and now we see a lot of wrestling out of Smackdown. The Attitude was memorable but I think it's time the fans move on and just enjoy the current quality, or like I said watch a different promotion.

    WWE's "PG Era" has benefited far more than it hurts in my view. What are your opinions on it?​
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  2. The athletic ability of the performers is at an all time high. The part that's missing though is a lack of characters and the option of letting guys get over on their own. The fact that most promos are scripted takes the individuality of the performer out of the character IMO. Also, having everyone use their real name or a reasonable facsimile and not really have any outlandish characters makes it seem not as grand as it used to.
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  3. I agree with you in principle, but take another look at today's product, at Batista winning the rumble, at the reliance on part timers for any star power, at Cena on top for damn near a decade, at the pathetic midcard, at WWE's inability to even utilize their talent properly. In comparison was the AE really that bad? Both eras have their flaws, but at least the AE was entertaining. The PG era still needs a lot of work. The only true perks of the PG era is that talent is safer and there's less controversy, and neither of those things add a great deal to entertainment value.
  4. Can I disagree here as Lita and Trish paved the way for talented women's wrestling. They were a whole lot more than boobs. Yes there were a few times they had some ridiculous segments but their talent and ability shone through and they were and are hugely respected for that.
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  5. I personally enjoyed the AE MUCH better. I can understand them limiting some stuff, but its like someone slapped a censored sticker on WWE after they got the "F" out. Actually, that hits my point home more than I thought. You even THINK they would go with the slogan "Get the F out" nowadays? NO. Not even close. Every time I see the NAO on WWE recently I cringe when Road Dogg does his intro as he has obviously had to change it to fit the PG era. He even said the other night "You guys know I can't say that anymore". I fucking HATE that. I'm suprised they haven't treid to take measures to keep the crowd from yelling "Suck it!" when Billy does his part.

    As far as the Divas go, yes the attitude era exploited women, but they still limited it. Its not like there were titties hanging out on RAW every monday or anything. I miss the women trying to out do each other. Who is more outrageous than the last? That kind of stuff. But NOW, hell they can't even show some cleavage in the Divas photoshoots FFS. "Oh no, her midriff is showing. Put a longer shirt on that girl!" Total BS. You mean to tell me that being a centerfold in Playboy was not good for their careers? Sorry, but I disagree wholeheartedly.

    AE > PG IMO. Plenty of matches back then were great. First one that comes to mind are the TLC matches, which use those weapons you mentioned and were entertaining as hell. When Edge speared Jeff Hardy who was holding onto the belt over the ring at WM X-17! I will never forget that.
  6. It has it's ups and down's it's not the worst thing that's ever happened to WWE. there are some pretty good moments and i think what's so great about the PG era is that yes it is predictable at times but it does have that little spark of unpredictability. And that's what keep's our eyes glued to the TV. There are times where we think about a superstar on the mic "oh he won't say that word on TV" and then rarely he does and it's like "Wow... I didn't see that coming."

    I miss the AE area as much as the next guy, but. it doesn't hurt to have a little change. and we all know the PG era will be something in the past one day.
  7. The term "PG Era" is ridiculous to me. It's been a good period with alot of mishappenings. That's all.
  8. Good post, read this on another site awhile back.
  9. I think its funny because there already was a PG rating before this "era" lol
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  10. Really? When?
  11. Hulk Hogan's time brother
  12. Yeah, that's why I catch it humorous how this is the "PG" era, yet the rating existed before.
  13. I can see how people wouldn't know though. Still, I see your point
  14. Im sure this whole PG era name was started by the internet for their hatred towards the PG rating? Im sure they had to be aware of the Golden era, or even New Generation Era. Even looking back at any promo, you could tell its PG. Especially Slaughter's heel promo, "Ultimate Ppuuuukkkkkeeeee" :jeritroll:
  15. http://www.wwe.com/inside/industrynews/7706710 WWE sort of gave them troll bait to do it.
  16. Expected butthurt comments on the site :downer:
  17. The only guy that is not PG in this Era would be CM Punk, but now we're missing it... the guy that took the Paul Bearer storyline to the limit, The Guy that slapped Vince McMahon for respect, The Guy that wishes Vince was dead, and The Guy that said HHH was a doofus and steph was idiotic.... The Guy who claimed he was a "Paul Heyman Guy" before being a "Paul Heyman Guy" was famous...The Guy that made PG era watchable for old attitude era wrestling fans.

    ... The Guy that made me watch wrestling again since it died in 2001.
  18. Wrestling died sometime in 2004. PG era isn't really an era as the Golden Era and the early Attitude Era were PG (97-98). Half of the current wrestlers have no technical ability with the exception of the few on the main roster, and the good amount on NXT.
  19. i dont like pg era. i miss original ecw, and attitude era. i like lots of blood and very violent bumps and spots. i love japanese death matches.
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