What are your wwe fan theories?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by AmbroseFan920, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. after reading some interesting fan theories of tv shows, movies, songs and stuff. I'm curious, anyone have any good wwe fan theories?
  2. WWE purposefully makes their product bad to see how much we can take.
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  3. wwe has a bad product because it's pg. bring back #attitude era!
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  4. I think Vince depushes people just to see how much they can take. Since he is said to like guys who stand up to him and plead their case.
  5. The best year of the attitude era (IMO) was 1997, and that was PG and so was early 1998.
  6. It was in the midst of a slow transition into the TV-14 rating, though. Hence why Vince has to constantly answer to people like Kay Koplovitz (founder of the USA Network), especially when he would pull stunts like Brian Pillman pulling a gun on Austin.
  7. My fan theory is that they are so jealous of Damien Sandow that they don't want to see him become the best superstar in the world.
  8. WWE is happy making the $ that it's making. Hence why we same the exact same storylines rolled out year after year...they switch superstars around...run the same story...and that's it....

    Why change something when it's been working for years?
  9. Then why did he completely bury Ziggler after Ziggler spoke out against the bullshit
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  10. Because he's a bitch about it.

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  11. You don't know what he did or didn't do behind the scenes pussy boy
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  12. I know he's a bitch much like yourself.
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  13. Anyhow, wasn't he getting in trouble for interviews more than Twitter?

    you fucking dumb bitch lol. you don't even know shit you fucking retard
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  14. I think WWE sort of doesn't care at this point. They are and they have been the only major wrestling company (besides TNA) in the US so there isn't any competition for them. Without this competition, WWE can put on subpar shows and not really have to worry about being a higher rating than any other wrestling show. This is one of the reasons why I want to see TNA be more successful because if they do, hypothetically, get to a point where they can compete with WWE the product for both companies would be amazing. And I think as fans that's really all we want, a good product that we all, no matter what age, can thoroughly enjoy.
  15. wwe will be better when vince goes byebye :emoji_grin: he is SENILE OLD MAN who thinks farts are the pinnacle of entertainment!!
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