What Big E needs?

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  1. Now, I don't know if I'm the only one that noticed but ever since Big E has turned face he hasn't really successfully used his moveset like he did when he was a heel. His moveset used to consist of him being an arrogant big man who would dominate his competition. His moveset was interesting especially when he did that toss and the opponent's head would bounce off the bottom turnbuckle and he would just smile. His body attack was more useful when he was heel. I don't know what it's called. To be honest, I liked his "I need 5" gimmick a lot better than his current one because his current one is just him being a happy black guy that's strong..... we now have 2 of those.

    Big E needs to turn heel after 'Mania. They can set up something like Big E vs. Dolph Ziggler at 'Mania. Pretty much anyone could take Ziggler's spot other than heel superstars. Give him some tweener that the fans love.... like Ziggler. They can put on a good 5 minute match and then all of a sudden Big E can go Del Rio on his ass. Toss him from the middle of the ring head first into the middle turnbuckle. Hit him with that running back elbow and those cocky shoulder blocks that he did in NXT. And when he hits Dolph with the Big Ending. He picks Dolph up again and lifts his hand up with ze #5 being represented. He hits it and he pins Dolph for the 1...2...3 but he just sits there and the ref asks him something. Big E gets up picks the ref up in mid air (Classic strongman heel) and tell him to do the pin again. He picks Dolph up and hits yet another Big Ending. He pins Dolph and the ref gets to 3 but Big E tells him to keep on going. He counts to 5 and Big E gets up and smiles over Dolph. It could really give something to Big E's character in my opinion.

    Well, some may hate Big E. But, for this to work... one thing has to happen..... BRAND SPLIT.
  2. breast reduction surgery

    charisma implants
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  3. Someone to pick his wedgie
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  4. bigger singlets would help that immensely

    and help ease the feeling that Little E and the Langsticles could make an appearance at any given moment
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  5. Love how every one of your posts ends with BRAND SPLIT.
  6. Idk man, I like Big E. I don't get it though, I know he's generic and un-charismatic but I just can't bring myself to dislike him or realize any shabby in-ring work until it's pointed out... Bleh, who fucking knows
  7. I agree with you... not saying anything more about this as people don't actually discuss things here anymore.
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  8. Geez, what a surprise? Somebody pissing and moaning about wrestler X needing to turn heel. This is almost as annoying as the jacka**es calling for the brand extension to be brought back

    My problem isn't the discussion, but rather your insistence on using the word 'needs'. Where do you get off telling anybody what a wrestler needs anyways

    If you were truly a fan of the man, you wouldn't be calling for a heel turn, especially at a point so early in his career. Turning down babyface fame b/c you don't like his moveset, right now....LOLOLOLOL

    Sorry to rant, but you at least might have held this conversation off until I dunno.... people start booing him... or maybe if he's gassing it in the ring. Please don't take a offense, threads like this one really grind me gears, that's all
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  9. Uhh Well Big E wasn't the most interesting guy and besides him and dolph already had a rivalry and that didnt go anywhere -____- Heres what I think
    1.Turn Back Heel (Possibly work)
    2. Rivalry with Dolph thing
    3. Making him have more of a personality on the mic.
    4. Corny rivalry with Ryback.
    5.Bigger singlets
    6.More Powder!
    7. Replace him with Bootista! :yes:
    I could go on and on..
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  10. This. Fucking this. Get 2 black midgets and 1 a bit bigger black midget and call them the ''Lil' E and the Langsticles'' and create a small stable/family for Big E.
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  11. All he needs is 5... says it right there in his theme song
  12. What D'Z said and to grow six inches and be more good looking.

    But seriously, E needs to watch Lesnar to learn how to wrestle in that power style.
  13. A bro/manssiere lulz
  14. Wrestling school.
  15. To remove that cyst from his face that randomly appears every few weeks.
  16. I feel like The Miz and JC4Life was Triple H.

    "I WANT RECOGNITION!" *JC4Life comes out*
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  17. Not even kidding with this: He needs to be on Impact.

    The guy has personality and he's a pretty funny guy, but he's a midcarder so he's never had a chance to use it. Maybe whoever the genius who came up with Team Hell No can write for him because the "comedy character who's a legit threat in the ring" character that worked for Bryan could work great with Big E. Ring-wise he knows what he's doing even though his moveset is lousy. He could put on some really solid matches if the crowd cared, but given the way he's currently booked and the belt he's carrying it's impossible.
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  18. He needs an actual feud or two, some time to show off his personality, for the IC belt to mean something again and the 5 count gimmick back. It's not rocket science, but the WWE seem to always struggle with this. Make the IC belt mean something by having the holder have the chance to trade it in for a shot at the WWE WHC or something (or maybe even a match with the US champ to decide #1 contender) like they do with the X-Division title at TNA. Then, throw some guys at Big E to feud with and give him some mic time and then we can go from there.
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