What big things could TNA do?

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  1. Such a horribly worded generic title, I apologise. Whenever I speak with anyone about TNA and WWE, we both tend to come under the conclusion that when WWE does something right, it eclipses TNA. More shocking moments, more big mark out moments, more big stories that have us talking rather than just a consistent TV show.

    Currently, Bully Ray - an IWC darling - is champion with a group of meaningless superstars behind him. Yes, Aces & Eights are meaningless, shoot me for it. They're stupidly stale now and this story that has been going on for a year is latching onto the only talented star in it, Bully Ray (yeah, sorry Testify) The story has no fire behind it now, so what could TNA do to shock us? What would you do? You can say the new badass AJ Styles taking the title could be that moment, but it's something almost all of us expect now, so how much of a mark out moment could that be? Besides, the dude lost some of his aura losing to Angle last week for no reason. #TNAbooking

    Anyway, with WWE we could have heel Triple H coming out and ruling WWE with an iron fist, with a group of heels to work with. Perhaps restart evolution with him as the Flair, but with show power. You know, crazy ideas like that, that could actually happen. What can TNA do to get you talking like Heyman being in the car picking up Punk did last year? Or The Shield destroying Ryback at Survivor Series did?

    Let's see how creative we can be.
  2. Hogan winning the strap, brother. :hogan:
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  3. Okay, I'm glad somebody got it our of their system.

  4. I know you'd mark.
  5. I still think they're planning a Brooke heel turn. I don't know who would mark for it, other than the Hulkster himself.
  6. I remember pitching an angle where Bully literally kills Hulk leading to a funeral angle, thinking that since wedding angles tend to be big draws that a funeral angle would break TNA into the 1.2s. I think that is when Sting showed up and destroyed the entire Stable


    anyhow, Bully should kayfabe kill Hogan. Would be HUGE
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  7. Lmao that gif is so wonderful
  8. Honest to whatever the fuck, I'd bring the kayfab murder and kills into pro wrestling. I honestly would. And I would kill Hogan first.

    Big angle? Bring back Main Event Mafia.
  9. I'll agree with you Crayo, the Aces and Eights are like the Nexus. For a while they wanted to make the group as a whole imposing and give them a credible leader, but the rest of the group never seemed to gain anything from being in the faction. This is the same way. In a perfect world the Aces and Eights storyline would have wrapped up by Genesis or Lockdown, this is going on way too long and they're dragging it out way too much.

    Oh, and D'Lo Brown returning to screw over the Aces isn't a shocking moment. Sorry, TNA.

    AJ Styles winning is so ridiculously predictable that it simply shouldn't happen. Predictability is fine if it's good. Predicting something 4 months in advance is NEVER good.But most of the guys you could make a shocking moment out of will be in the BFG Series. Joe can't go on a rampage, Aries can't cut a pipebomb (oh spoiler alert boo hoo you knew he'd be in there), etc... so there's only a few things you can do...

    -Matt Morgan can lose his mind. Carbon Footprint to Hogan, have Sting run out and have Morgan just wipe the floor with that guy, go as far as he can to make up for when he jobbed to him.

    -Do a repeat of last year, screw up all of TNA's predictable plans and have Sabin win the World Heavyweight Title. Maybe not a good idea since there's no way he's a casual fan draw, but obviously Bully Ray and the Aces isn't either.

    -Just as an undercard thing, don't know who all is part of the Coalition in OVW but bring one of them up (or bring back Kash) to challenge for the tag belts with Crimson, having Gunner turn heel on Storm as part of Crimson's plan to get revenge on Cowboy.

    Oh, and fuck the Main Event Mafia lmao
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  10. Aries should job in every match in the BFG series before airing his grievances about how he's being punished because wrestling isn't trying to be entertainment its just trying to smother pc policies boom 1.2 rating the next week.
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  11. A step in the right direction is if they stopped relying on stables so much. It seems like TNA always has a stable domianting large parts of the show or roster (Aces, Immortal, Fortune, Mafia etc). This locks up large parts of the show and large parts of the roster. Which cuts the possibilities for feuds and stories in half. Plus the novelty of a dominant group running the show gets thin when it always happens.
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  12. Have Rampage Jackson & Austin Aries harras Hemme & Val.
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