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    Surprisingly, I don't really have that much to bash TNA on but here are a few of them.

    One of them is there Star Power. In my opinion, they have too many stars on the roster and we don't see half of them on TV at all.
    Considering they don't even have two brands, yet they have Mr. Anderson, Mickie James, ect. on the roster and we don not see many of them.

    Another thing about Star Power I dislike is that the signing of former WWE Employees. Tbh, I didn't mind Angle, he was a great addition, but spending millions on Hardy, Anderson and RVD seems like a waste.

    I sadly don't want to see any of those three wrestlers in the title picture.
    The only star they have truly built really well is AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Austin Aries. AJ has last been champion since what 2010?
    Samoa Joe 2008 or 2009?:dafuq:

    Also not on topic, but the lack of TNA promoting their content. Like, stop wasting money on former talent (Which they haven't done lately.) and start promoting your show.
  2. Well it brings in money too. The crowd really gets behind Rob Van Dam, whether you like him or not the crowd loves him. Jeff Hardy also brings in lots of money since he's a very entertaining wrestler and also gets a great crowd reaction, plus he chose Impact since he can have a free schedule that wouldn't stress him out and have more time with his family. Mr. Anderson is also a great wrestler and a good mic worker, since WWE let him go it's a smart idea that Impact picked him up. I hate this accusation of Impact Wrestling taking WWE superstars, every wrestling company takes in free agents, Ring of Honor has Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, and Maria, I don't hear people complaining about them. It's a smart move by Impact Wrestling to pick up these guys, even back in the day, WWF did the same thing, picking up wrestlers from WCW and ECW, remember Stone Cold became a World champion and a huge star, so did Undertaker.
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  3. Good Point. ^
    But I think in 2010 it was overkill.
  4. True, but they're getting smarter now and actually building up most of the talent there, helps that the Bound For Glory is there too.
  5. i like star power!!!! lots of good names during the whole show!!! make it interesting and keep me watching!!!

    they need to advertise more though!!
  6. Too lowkey to have a 2nd weekly show. That would be so great, and i'd even settle for a sting-run program. More stars get tv time, better feuds work out, and we get to see assmacher twice a week.
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