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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Just like my old threads, this will be a series type of thread. You can share on what bothers you also on the topic.

    Topic: Star Power

    I am bothered by the fact that WWE is lacking Star Power. They have 3 hours on RAW an they f*cking use it on recaps and bullsh*t we don't need to see throughout the night.

    The fact that they have 3 hours on RAW and the only two storyline they are pushing is the WWE Title, The World Heavyweight Champion and Triple H. Like, Who gives a F*ck?:finger:

    Also why the f*ck are Smackdown Stars still on RAW? RAW Supershow is dead and was and always will be a stupid idea.
    The Smackdown Superstars should be on Smackdown but since 2006-7ish it's gone down hill. If they were on there own brand it would give them better time to develop more Stars in there own right.

    If NXT and WWECW produced a pretty good show in one hour why are they f*cking up 3 hours? All they're doing is shoving guys like Sheamus and Del Rio down are throats.:facepalm1:

    I'm surprised that neither Mid Card Champions or Tag Team Champions are given mic time.
    In Ring Promo Segment > Commentary
    It f*cking develops characters and gets the fan invested into them.

    But we're given a idiotic segement's with Santino and his cobra and "My name is Randy Orton" for the 1000th time promos.:upset:
    Like I think we know that you're Randy Orton. If you've been in the WWE for 10 years and you still need to remind people your name you must really BLOW. AKA being shoved down our throats.

    Overall: They're lacking star power and giving mid-card feuds barely any mic time.
    Back than Intercontinental Champion > WWE Champion were nearly in the same league, maybe even better.
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  2. oops. i almost pushed this off the first page :s

    yeah the recaps are annoying. they really need to gtfo with those and use the extra time to put underused talent on tv

    isnt the reason raw went to 3 hours was so smackdown wrestlers could be on it as well as raw ones?
  3. It bothers me that people bash The Muppets being on WWE even though it was just for one episode. I was told the reason, but I think it's weird.
  4. I love watching the Intercontinental championship in action, but it should never be above the WWE championship. I agree, they should be using more wrestlers and building more feuds. Triple H is past his time, way past his time. He needs to stop now, he is the VP of talent relations, he needs to be searching for talent not shunning them. I think Raw can be used for WWE championship feuds, Intercontinental championship feuds, Divas division, tag team division, and a side feud. Smackdown can be used for World Heavyweight championship feud, US championship feud, Tag Team division and Divas can switch other week, and for rookies. The separation between Raw and Smackdown is completely dead too. And it's just shit booking, that's why Raw sucks ass for three hours. Santino promos are just for the kids I guess, they could be more funny though, but I agree the tag team champions should be given mic time, along with the divas champion and the midcard champions.
  5. It's true, WWE doesn't build stars. They build very few guys from mid to upper midcarder and almost no one to the true main event. It's hard, guys like Punk, for example, are almost there with Cena. Who else? No one. When someone gets hurt some poor main eventer's got to overwork because they don't have enough stars to draw on their own. Pathetic. Cut freaking recaps and all this unnecessary bs and build your midcard WWE.
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  6. Santino can go to Saturday Morning Slam FFS! LOL!
  7. I kinda have impression that WWE went downhill in general. I think there is a lack of real superstar. Also, have an impression that WWE is forcing Cena too much. I dont like asslickers and therefore do not like Cena at all. Like GTFO with him, I will pick my favorite on my own lol.
    One more thing. Vickie. She needs to go away. I am extremely annoyed by her.
    Marella. Whats the point of having him in WWE? Except of have a good laugh.
    Thats for now.
  8. What's bothered me for a while is the general attitude that Vince seems to have that, if he didn't "build" a star, then they're not a real star.

    This goes back a way, but Booker T was really getting over when WCW was bought by WWE. He was the last WCW Champion in WCW, winning the title at the last episode of Nitro from Scott Steiner. And when the title changed hands, there was a tremendous reaction from the crowd in Booker's support. Then Booker came to WWE and was buried (he wasn't alone; a lot of WCW talent was buried, he's just, to me, the prime example). The WWE could have used the reactions he was already getting and built from them. Instead, it was years before Booker T got the respect he deserved in WWE from the bookers.

    If Booker was an isolated example, it would be different. But there are others. I'll leave it to you to find them.

  9. Ill keep it simple as i have only a few issues.

    1. Forcing wrestlers as stars. Sheamus is the perfect example. Upper mid card, sure. Champion for over half a year? Come the fuck on. There are so many people that are pushed, while others get star power for one episode, and the next event goes back to however it was running before. Writers either work together, or everything is just fucked up all at once. I dont enjoy y2j being y2j again to leave 2 weeks later, that was trash. Cena is actually more interesting to me than punk as a heel, and 100x better than face punk was, while there is almost no difference whatsoever in his feuds as of late.

    2. Forgettable segments being pushed over and over. While i get most dont get on forums and post while watching at the same time, some of the segments are unnecessary. Rowdy roddy shows up fucked up and still gets on live tv? Pass. Every opening being the same equation? Pass. PPV preshows are forgettable at best, and we almost never have bets that make sense. Great example, Lesnar over HHH. It is believable, but we all see HHH winning against nearly everyone and doubt he will choose to lose, since we know that is the issue. I guess WWE firmly believes ignorance is bliss. People still see DZ as a horrible wrestler because he loses.

    3. Lack of talent being brought in when people are begging for it. Ambrose is over 7 months of "he is coming" and Kharma's deal came and went quickly. No one popped for kellykelly return, because she wasn't in playboy this month for her to be a whore promoing about. WWE has talent up the ass, but we are stuck with Cesaro having to win over Santino (hopefully start of a better US title deal though) when santino has the worst finisher, and a garbage gimmick. ADR is pushed the exact same way month in and month out. People hate him, and a lot of people love to hate him, but he is great in the ring, and is more or less upper mid card jobber. Booker is a plus, but AJ is just a disgusting way for people to whore for more tv time.

    All of this is why i watch impact. Take out aces and 8's, and the AJ/baby whore deal and you still have 4 great matches, and 2-3 good matches. RAW has 2 matches, a lot of buildup, and more time than both combined in recaps, and tv time for Lawler, Cole, Divas who havent had matches in forever, and wrestlers who could be dropped next week. Ryback is a great addition to #1, as he is stiff as hell, and is just shoved down our throats. At first i hated the goldberg deals, but WWE staff honeslty must not remember Lesnar/Goldberg, as so many matches are given huge credibility to be wasted with the way it goes down. Sandow is being pushed as a guy who puts people over as face more than a guy who can have good matches and is great on the mic. Waste.
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  10. To be honest, Cena is a global star now. The 6 year push has worked, he has become a global star, but he's probably the only one there. There's a few others like Taker (close to retirement), HHH (likewise), Orton maybe but that's really it. They need a new direction, a new philosophy on pushing talent. That comes from story lines and big career events. They absolutely refuse to let any young guys go over old guys now. If you had Undertaker and HHH for two years, you use them to build more stars to REPLACE them. You dno't feed them the young stars to further their legacies.

    My prime example is CM Punk last year. He was on fire, he had a lot of momentum and had a one on one match against HHH who he thought was behind the text message conspiracy. Instead, he lost cleanly to HHH, then finds out it wasn't even HHH. So that makes Punk look weak and absolutely stupid.
  11. Sheamus,ADR are only up there due to the FACT THEY LACK MAIN EVENTERS.

    Ways to put over a person and make them into a"main eventer "

    1-Make Cena job to .............................
    2-Make the star in question kick out off other people finishers.
    3-Make them bearly lose a match
    4- Give the person more camera time.
    5-Give the person more mic time.
    6- Better storytelling.
    7-Build the star up to the moon.
    8-Push someone who will help your company.
    9-Make sure person can wrestle.
    10-Make sure you and star in question, can do most of the above
  12. The WWE is notorious for hiring new talent that become "One Hit Wonders" and then they get buried in the background while the same guys are feuding and Main Eventing every single week. I mean honestly, how many times are we going to have to watch CM Punk and Cena lock horns.
  13. Inverted pushes suck indeed. Take Vladimir Kozlov for example. Started beating HHH and Taker and went downhill until he was losing to Zack Ryder at Superstars (which was a bad thing at the time), while being tag champ with Santino. They have to put new guys over established folks to make new stars, but not a guy who just came from development. Guys who have been around for at least a while, already have a solid fanbase and etc, and then you put them over an established guy to make him a star.
  14. See that's what made me sick about Zack Ryder. I personally love Ryder. He is extremely talented and a super cool guy in RL, having met him in Atlanta during Access.
    But, the fans started really getting behind him, and the writers and management were just ignoring it. The security guards at one show actually told a couple of fans who were wearing Ryder's t-shirts that they had to take them off.
    I wish someone would tell me that I couldn't wear a t-shirt of a certain superstar.

    It nearly took an act of congress to start getting him matches on the show! Even then, the only reason they did that was because apparently, the WWE started receiving so much hate mail about it.
  15. Yeah, the guy made himself over and when they started using him they just made Kane bury him while he was champion... and now he's rarely on shows again. Wasting the guy.
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