What Brand of Beer Did Y2J Use?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. I know you're all wondering which brand of beer Jericho used on CM Punk yesterday. :otunga:

  2. Is it nice?
  3. They say it's good.
  4. Forgot Big Hoss was straight edge :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. I hope he breaks his leg, that's how pissed I can be considering the fact that a idiot like Punk could even accept something stupid like this.

    Ugh, Yuck.
  6. Such a pathetic comment.
  7. X spots the mark
  8. I wasn't aiming it at his obvious overmarkism for Punk (yes, overmarkism is now a word). The fact he'd wish injury upon a WWE superstar yet claims he wants to be one himself in the future is ridiculous.

    LEARN2KAYFABE. Punk vs Jericho = Best feud in WWE.
  9. He is the biggest mark on the forum. He would drag his dick through a mile of broken glass to sit down and drink a diet cherry pepsi with Punk
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  10. C'mon now, we know that he couldn't pop a cherry anything in his mouth!

  11. Maybe because I don't like the guy? Yes I wish Jericho would get injured so we don't have to see him anymore, he bores me, feud is seriously nothing but full of crap, and like I said I don't give a crap what you think of the feud but for me it's just a feud of shit, Punk has already proven his words by beating Jericho and that's it.

    Also me proclaiming that I want to be a WWE superstar is correct but even if I do I have every rights to like/dislike and say the hell I want to say, because trust me buddy, they're not friendly in that locker room as you may think they are, you're way behind if you have no idea that some superstars are jealous from others and who really knows what they hope or wish? Are you in their head? Am I? No, but the fact that you're saying that it is "ridiculous" that I wish injury upon a WWE superstar and yet wants to be one is just sickening, I can wish and say what I want, freedom of speech. I hate Jericho and I seriously don't like the guy looking at him from his tweets, in the ring, outside, he's just a faggot wherever he goes and the feud with him and Punk makes me hate him even more, not because I'm a fan of Punk, I know they're friends outside. Feud is boring, pouring beer over a strong Straight-Edge faggot? Not only do I right now feel that Punk is a idiot for even accepting something like that but woah, just woah.

    I would have kept shut if it was Austin and Punk right now but seriously more Jericho/Punk is just pain in the ass. I know everything about the WWE, I know that it is staged/scripted whatevs, but that doesn't mean I can't overreact on their stupid feuds, build-ups and bookings.

    I would do the exact same thing if I got the chance to kick your ass.
  12. Lmfao, liked.

  13. You are so pathetic lmao.
  14. Stopped reading at "Maybe because I don't like the guy? Yes I wish Jericho would get injured so we don't have to see him anymore, he bores me"

    Fuck that.
  15. Wishing injury on a man just so he doesn't have to see him on TV. Truly a class act.
  16. Freedom of speech, I wish and think exactly the way I want to.

    Just because you have a big fetish for Jericho it doesn't mean you have to accuse me of being bad.

    Nice comeback, try a bit harder the next time you put your dirty hands on a keyboard.
  17. Not accusing, you are bad. You want to be a professional wrestler and you wish harm on one of the best in the business? Nice. Wishing harm to anyone is horrid. Whether you're a mark and can't stand your lover getting pwned weekly or not.
  18. I'll do the accusing then since Crayo won't. You are absolutely an asshole and a scumbag if you wish injury on another person. You are such an ignorant little mark that you can't separate life from kayfabe and because Jericho plays a character you don't like you wish physical harm on the man Chris Irvine. That is textbook douchebaggery. You are a piece of shit, good day sir.
  19. Sorry mate, but do you not realise how unreasonable you're being? You just wished injury upon a wrestler who seems like a perfectly nice human being. That's not freedom of speech that's just being cruel.
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  20. It is very questionable from a moral aspect at least to wish injury on another human being. Honestly you wouldn't last 10 minutes in a WWE locker room with that attitude or any work place what so ever for that matter. Respect is a big aspect and that kind of attitude will prevent you from gaining any.
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