What can the wrestlers do to keep their momentum?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jan 12, 2015.

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  1. While it does generally lay on the wrestler to get themselves over they can only go so far with what the WWE gives them. This has been the biggest problem within the WWE lately, general booking aside at least. Talents like Cesaro, Barrett, Swagger, and even Orton, Reigns, and Ambrose have failed/are failing to keep the momentum that they have. Say that the WWE just won't see the errors of their way what can the wrestlers do to try to keep themselves over?
  2. Avoid catching Cena-itis.
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  3. I don't see much they can do besides being awesome (which sometimes doesn't even work) when WWE cuts their balls.
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  4. Maybe use social media (twitter) to their advantage.
  5. Invent a shitty, redundant catch phrase like "Yes! Yes!"
  6. First thing that comes to mind is "Make the most of what you have regardless", but we see how that's working for Ambrose. :downer:
  7. How can you say that, dammit? :ambrose:

    Ambrose's looked really strong in his feud with Wyatt.
  8. Not get hurt, that's probably the biggest way to keep momentum.
  9. Poor little ambrose is 0-5 in ppvs since breaking up with the shield. That's really sad
  10. Damn right, it is sad.

    But I hope there's a bigger picture behind his losing streak at PPVs, or at least I'm hoping they'll start treating him properly.
  11. He's over like rover. Smarks tend to put entirely too much stock into wins and losses.
  12. If a wrestler's getting over, give them mic time and let them wrestle matches against people known to be good workers and who they have a lot of chemistry with. If they're a face, build them up only to get a minor injury, but a heel comes in and exploits that. Make the face need to get revenge big time. If they're a heel, do a Seth Rollins. :jericho: This is why I'll probably never be allowed to book any wrestling show ever. :sad:
  13. WWE puts their Superstars in situations where, most of the time, they don't have a choice. Everything is so scripted now a days that it almost seems fake when any Superstar tries to play things out exactly how these writers feel they should do something. Chris Jericho has complained about it several times and he works with the writers, at least from what I've heard he does that. And, I know that every superstar doesn't have the "pull" like Jericho does in the back. However, Superstars can let themselves shine in the ring. When they get an opportunity to have a good match, they need to cease it. Sure, they'll be handed some shit feuds and storylines, that'll always happen with Vince at the helm. But, that doesn't mean they can't have great matches.

    Superstars can keep their momentum going with how they perform in the ring. That may not always work and sometimes there's more to it than that...but fans repsect good matches to the point where they'll start chanting "this is awesome" if a match is exceeding expectations.
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