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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. What can the WWE do to be more appealing to you?
    Aside from changing the PG rating...
    What would you like them to do to make Raw/Smackdown/PPVs more entertaining?

    I read a lot of stuff people say about the WWE and it seems like more and more people are losing interest in it.
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  2. My main problem is the fact that most of the guys today just aren't as interesting or charismatic as the guys 10-15 years ago.

    Sheamus, The Miz, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Ryback, Kofi Kingston, etc. just don't do it for me. Daniel Bryan is only good in an underdog or mid-card role, I don't care to see him main event regularly in the long term. Dolph Ziggler is a workhorse, but still not charismatic in a way that grabs me. Antonio Caesro is kinda bland, but still has my interest somewhat. Cena is great when he really has a good feud he can sink his teeth into (his match on Raw with Punk proves he can really bring it when he wants to.) Randy Orton is someone I neither like or dislike, I'm mostly indifferent towards him as can be. For the most part, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio (as a face, his heel run was boring as hell), The Shield, Damien Sandow, etc. are about the only people I care about.

    WWE's booking is another story. But I doubt even good booking can make me care about people that I already have a severe lack of interest in.
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  3. I agree with that. It seems as though back then, there was character that made each wrestler an individual.
    They seem to mirror and overlap each other and only make minor tweaks that will convince children but not adults.
    Sandow and Cesaro for example... Pretty much the same guy with minor changes. They are both witty, smart and talk down to people. Both characters think the American nation is undereducated. Miz is like Jericho, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan combined...He seems to change slightly every other year to pretty much replicate the other current wrestlers.
  4. This is pretty much my main problem with the WWE too, apart from the PG rating, as Britanica highlighted in the OP.

    A lot of the roster are so uncharismatic and their promos don't feel to connect with me at all. It just feels like they're reciting words. Even back in the day, not to say that a promo by Val Venis or someone similar was groundbreaking, but I could at least laugh at/with the guy and appreciate his contributions. Staying with Venis, his character was and is someone you could imitate for a laugh and get a laugh from other people. Right now, I would never feel comfortable doing an impression of Zack Ryder...

    As well as this, I blame the group of writers WWE insist on hiring today. Maybe it's because of the age group they have to work with today, but I think we can all agree that the level of writing and storylines isn't as good as it was about 10 years ago at the minimum. For instance, 90% of the time now when there is a rivalry over a title, it's usually set up over a "#1 contenders match" or "Battle Royal". It feels like there's no substance to it whatsoever. 15 years ago there used to be great and lengthy storylines over the European title, and I for one actually took a great interest in it and still sit back and enjoy them to this day when I stick in an old PPV on DVD or VHS.
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  5. I think WWE is doing all it can do to be appealing. It's bringing in edgier storylines like the one with Swagger. They're pushing some of the deserving talent and they've stopped showing bad divas matches.

    Well I guess that's where it is, they should improve their current divas roster. Also what KLockard said was on point, a lot of the talent have no charisma. There's a lot of good wrestlers like Orton that are just people, with no larger than life gimmicks.
  6. Lazy booking .
    Matches we have watched a thousand times (like sheamus vs barret ...)

    And the lack of Chairs tables stuff ....used in Raw or SD!

    Oh and Cena :otunga:
  7. To me people need to stop comparing the WWE to 15 years ago with every single superstar. Build people and let them do their own thing (How db/ryder got over) and let them become winners for it. Let the people decide who is huge *see face miz, face sheamus, and goldberg chants* to decide where people deserve to be.

    If it was me it would be DZ vs Cena for world title (only because cena won the rumble) and then cena moves onto waste his time with punk after Punk beats taker. Henry/ADR/Swag/Kane in WHC (Kane takes the pin like the champ he is) with DB in the IC deal with Barrett/Cesaro/Rhodes (he drops this shit angle) and you put Ryder/Kofi/Kidd in the US.

    Tag team is shield for now, with them fighting for who fights weekly, finally breaking it up...or you can use them against faces, but Sheamus and Big show are "injured" and i drop them entirely. I would prefer smaller guys to have their chances over monsters like Khali and others being on weekly.

    Honestly, cut down the show #'s, and go back to two hour RAW would be a huge improvement all by itself.
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  8. Easy, make new matches. I don't know, the Bo Dallas vs Wade Barret is entertaining because is a rookie against a good fighter, but they should NEVER EVER make a match 20 times in row, it's boring.
  9. Give talent more freedom and do something with the midcard. Overall, lazy booking sounds about right when you try to count what's wrong.
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  10. I miss jobber matches. They made it more exciting when two top wrestlers would have a match against each other.
  12. That's not going to happen... And even though I am a Punk fan... I would rather Punk face someone other then the Rock. Cena can have the Rock. Twice in a life time disappointment.
  13. THE FACT OF THE MADE IS! That cm punk should main event WM29 it his time! IT TIME FOR CENA STEP BACK AND LET SOME ELSE OTHER HIM GO UP LAST AT WM! CM Punk desavre a main event WM Matchs!
  14. I can name 6 guys that deserve to main event WM but that doesn't mean its going to happen. Cena is the face of the company.
  15. HE NOT FACE OF THE COMPANY! CM PUNK IS! Cena is just there fuckin golden boy! And that just don't know how to get away from him! That nee someone tell then it time move on already!
  16. Punk going up against Taker is a great thing for him plus he held the title for 400+ days, he's not being held back any more by anything but his lack of substantial drawing ability.

    Show Spoiler
    This is coming from an admitted Punk bumboy.
  17. Cena is the face of the company whether you like it or not.
    Punk will never be the face of the company because he is not the look that Vince wants. Vince likes guys to look like Cena, Ryback, Brock, Rock, Hulk Hogan, Batista... You get the idea right? He likes them to be larger then life. Punk looks like an average joe with tattoos all over him.
  18. UH HE IS THE FACE OF THE COMPUY WERE WHERE U FOR THE LAST 434 DAYS! He not going get that record if he is not going to be the face of the compury! :pipebomb:
  19. He honestly needs another pipe bomb moment.

    I am a Punk fan as well. I only own 3 wrestling shirts and they are all Punk shirts. I even have 2 hoodies and a pair of punk pants. lol

    I look forward to the Punk vs Taker match.
  20. The face of the company is beyond holding a title. John Cena does not need a title to be over with the fans. Punk needs the leverage.
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