What can TNA do to generate some buzz?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. TNA has some great things going on. BFG Series, the KO's division is wonderful, Destination X starring Bully Ray vs Chris Sabin is next week, they just had the shocking Aries reveal, but still TNA feels like it just has no buzz (and hasn't for most of the year). What are things TNA can do to change that and bring their company back to the glory days of last year?

    Granted it may be really hard for TNA to generate any buzz with RAW being great recently + the wrestling world revolving around Daniel Bryan... but there's gotta be some things they can do to try.
  2. Just sign big name Indie talents I guess. Not much I can think of at the moment
  3. Fire Hogan and use the money to buy some more talent. I see with all the releases, they should be able to afford some big names, or at least some decent ones right now.
  4. The knockouts division is great? Could you really say that if you removed Gail Kim and Taryn? Which would leave a total of ODB, Tessmacher MIA, Velvet and Mickie. Seems rather that two women are pulling of great matches.
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  5. Fire Hogan and let Jarret take back the controlling shares of TNA so he can do his thing.
  6. Said that because there's so much buzz around it, with Gail and Taryn having amazing matches + Mickie's character. Those things have been phenomenal. Otherwise you're right.

    Imo, everyone else should just get cut and replaced with different women... well, maybe keep Tessmacher because she's done so much to improve in the ring.
    They obviously have nothing for ODB, Velvet's just a less talented Taryn. Just wonder if they can afford to hire anyone else with all this other stuff going on.
  7. That's what I am wondering. Everyone says they should sign X or Y. But with all these releases that reportedly are to "save money" to keep being on the road, who can they sign that wouldn't be too big an investment?
  8. Audrey Marie would make a great knockout imo.
  9. Don't know the financials of TNA or the indies, but I'm sure they can sign some girls from the independent scene that offer much more than the women currently on the roster. They can't "sign a whole bunch of girls" but surely they can replace a Tara with someone from Shine who has a lot of potential and comes cheaper.

    As for everyone else... I don't know if "bringing people in" is the right thing to do. Yeah you may want to add some new guys to keep things fresh, but there are enough challengers for almost every title (assuming they can keep up some pay-per-appearance deals with guys like Rubix, and if they want to add some new tag teams that's more than welcome) and enough people to keep feuds interesting, so everything's okay at the moment, and it's not like bringing in big-name talent is giving them anything anyway business-wise.

    Chuck Taylor > Chavo.
  10. I think TNA should get back to the Impact Zone and only move for PPVs. If they need to release great superstars to keep on the road, it doesn't make TNA better. The viewers want to see their favorite stars and if they're released they may not even watch the show even if it's amazing.
  11. They have to put the Hulkster back in the ring brother. :hogan:
  12. The Hulkster against Sting could be a good match imo. Don't know why the don't do it :upset:
  13. Brooke Hogan murder storyline.
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  14. Go back to your real style. Young talents, great in ring competition (Still have but X Division was better before).
  15. Live sex of Hulk and Brooke.

  16. That'll get us to 1.5 for sure brother :hogan:
  17. I'm not sure what Paul Heyman's WWE contract is like, but if they wanted to create a firestorm amongst the IWC they would find a way to make him head of creative like the rumor was in 2011 before they went with Fat Pritchard. He wants a lot of control over creative and even wanted input on hirings/firings, but what do they have to lose by giving him the keys to see what he can do?
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  18. 1) Fire Hogan, Brooke Hogan, Eric Bischoff and release talent like Sting, Angle, Bully Ray, D-Von, Knocks. Build around AJ Styles, James Storm, Bobby Rhoode, A Double, Abyss, Gunner, Kenny King.

    2) Get off the road.

    3) Hire someone to directly oppose the current team of writers and find holes in the major story lines so that we dont have Bully Ray getting his ass handed to him by Aces & 8's only to be the leader. As well as Sting creating MEM to protect him, despite not being able to every get a world championship match and him filling the stable with people who didn't protect him in the past.

    4) Raid the indies for high flying talent to rebuild the tag team division and the X division. Both non-existent in WWE.

    5) Bring back talent sharing, even if it is with a company like ROH and try to relive moments like the World X-Cup.

    6) Market on the internet. I dont know how much it costs to have banners on websites, but I'd have to assume its cheaper than a television advert.

    7) Stop fucking up and releasing prime talent like Joey Ryan, Matt Morgan, and Crimson.

    8) Make Gut Check relevant. Have someone win the contest and don't shove them in OVW until fans forget they even won. Air an hour show of OVW on the TNA website each week.
  19. Going to be rather controversial here, but all I see when I read these "What can TNA do?" threads is Knockout wrestling. I don't think Knockout wrestling is a big enough franchise to ever create "buzz"; or big buzz - enough to generate a lot of new fans. You're new fans and stuff come from big signings and great stories, and I do not think that is the division to put the money & time on at first. I do not believe people (or many people) tune in to TNA because of knockout wrestling, it's simply an add-on, in my opinion.

    Dolph's had it right; look at someone like Heyman to come and drastically change things BACKSTAGE for the better. There has been far too many absolute failures backstage in TNA to take the company seriously. This year alone they've fired fantastic talents and potential talents like Morgan, Ryan, and Crimson, but keep paying Hogan far too much and keeping Chavo employed. Their philosophy of ex-WWE guys being the difference and pulling the company forward is wrong. Unless those guys are big names like Cena & Punk, keep dreaming. Put your companies faith into talents like Roode & Aries, as well as having a strong midcard, x-division and knockout division. If the whole show is great, more fans will come.

    Backstage in general is where everything sucks. Their decision making is so retarded sometimes, and their marketing is absolutely non-existent. If you want to cut talents to save moneythen sure, but if you're going to cut talents but still pay Hogan & Brooke ridiculous amounts of money, then fuck off. Use their salaries to invest in lots of commercial time.
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  20. Wasn't that all the responsibilities they gave Prichard? They refused to give it to Paul but not to Bruce?
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