What can WWE do to make PPV's feel "special" again?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. Us here in the IWC have used the phrase "glorified Raw" quite a bit ever since Summerslam despite every PPV (yes, even Battleground) having plenty of good wrestling on it. Think we all agree that each of them didn't feel like a big event despite the hefty price tag and there wasn't much separating a show like Night of Champions from a typical Raw. We get great matches from guys like Bryan and the Shield, but we get those on Raw and most Smackdowns as well. WWE has to do something to separate the PPV from Raw.

    I'm not gonna throw out likes all willy-nilly for this one. Be creative. Earn it.
  2. One thing would be to stop throwing random bloody matches in midway through the event.
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  3. Having actual mid card feuds, and defending EVERY title *cough Ambrose cough*
  4. For starters they can stop burning through matches people would pay to see with PPV quality matches on Raw. Obviously having three hour shows really forces WWE into doing this since long matches are the easiest way to fill up the extended Monday night programming.
  5. Make Raw 2 hours again might help.

    Raw starts at 8pm est and doesn't end until usually around 11:10pm which would be 3 hours and 10 minutes.
    If you include the kickoff, a PPV starts at 7:30pm est and ends at about 10:50pm which is 3 hours and 20 minutes.

    I think this is part of the reason PPV's feel like an episode of Sunday night Raw.

    Another reason is the lack of build-up and such. For example, I feel like they built TLC around the unification match and everything else was just filler. They randomly threw in Brodus vs R-Truth unannounced, Miz & Kofi got thrown on the card because of a fight on the kick-off show, Big E vs Sandow felt like it didn't really have a build up to it either.
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  6. ^These two. They've gotta get rid of that 3rd hour of Raw, but will they?

    From a fan's standpoint they should, it's hurting the product in so many ways. But they make more money off of ad revenue and such, and with them being so bottom-line oriented is there any way that changes?

    (Although from what I read somewhere a rerun of NCIS could get about the same rating as Raw and is an easier sell to advertisers, so USA Network can be happy with that. Gonna look that up)
  7. Hardcore nudity!
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  8. Building proper feuds and no fillers is the main thing in my opinion. Why pay to see a Pay-Per-View around one or two matches? There needs to be proper feuds for the championships too, not just last minute rumbles or random announcements. Building up proper exciting feuds and having them face off at Pay-Per-Views with lengthy matches and no random matches in my opinion is one thing that I would actually enjoy to see. Saving the stars for Pay-Per-Views could help too. Have them do more promos than match to build up hype to the PPV. They can wrestle still on Raw, but don't give them the HQ matches you want to see at PPVs, then it just gives almost no reason to buy the PPVs. Give them decent matches, hell I won't even mind squash matches.
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  9. less ppvs and have more time between them may help was too jam packed these last few months
  10. Focus the storylines into ppvs. This year is a negotiations year for their TV deals so they have focused on putting stories and such on TV over PPV so they can get a strong negotiation point to make more money.
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