What can WWE do to make Smackdown interesting again?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Red Rain, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. My spur of the moment idea would have been to replace Smackdown with NXT completely.
    NXT talent may not be ready, but it doesn't mean fans aren't ready to attach themselves to the NXT talent

    My next idea is to have a couple of exclusive feuds and make the U.S title a centerpiece of the show

    Give the NXT champion face time and make an effort to highlight international/ethnic diversity on SD.

    If the U.S title is to switch hands, have it switch hands on Smackdown. Ideas welcome.
  2. NXT is fine the way it is, but that's an intriguing idea.

    Obvious answer: brand split. But whether they do that or not, with the way WWE loves to cater to every demographic all at once, why can't they use each of their separate shows to cater to a specific one? They can make Raw as casual-friendly as they want to while Smackdown can be the show that caters to more hardcore fans and the kiddies laugh at Main Event, so every show is more focused.

    Also Smackdown-specific storylines are a must.
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  3. I agree with everything you said. NXT itself is fine, my suggestion would have just eliminated SD altogether.
    Frankly, HHH will probably ax SD for sure. Given that it namesake isn't exactly a man on HHH's best buddy list.

    I'm not saying HHH hates the Rock, necessarily (or at all). I'm just pointing out the obvious that he won't lose sleep over axing its legacy.
  4. SD's been doing pretty fine as of late, had pretty decent shows, imo.

    Now, SmackDown would be awesome if... Sandow got more air time and if they called up some of the NXT talent, like The Ascension, Neville, Zayn, Breeze and ofc, I'd have nothing against shutting down ME.
  5. Make a title exclusive to SD. For example, the world heavyweight champ and its #1 contender don't appear on RAW and instead the feud is all played out on SD.
  6. That'd be nice, but it ain't happening any time soon.
  7. more Zack Ryder matches.
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  8. Knowing how WWE fans are though, the casual fans wouldn't care too much for NXT, that's the biggest problem I see conflicting with replacing Smackdown. Smackdown has been fine as of late imo, and I don't think it needs much more changing. They've given it enough time to use for both good matches and storyline progression, and it's above satisfactory imo. I do like NXT, but I just don't see it working for TV especially on a 1 month tape delay, as well as it being at the same arena every time.
  9. Give Orton the mic more, and bring in Ted Dibase jnr for a push

    Give Jim Corenetter the book

    Get Cena off me box as well
  10. No need on making it live, personally I thought that would make it get a few more views but it doesn't.
    Having the US being the featured title on SD is a good idea, I do like the idea of having an NXT talent have a match against some person each week and testing their abilities on a large scale exposure. Mostly Zayn, Kalisto, The Ascension, Tyler Breeze atm.

    Brand split is always my first choice but who knows if that will happen again.
    More often than not these days they use the SD shows to have a continuation match for an ongoing feud or perhaps a starting feud that they tried on the RAW episode prior. Which I'm fine with, but I do think they should focus more on building up the mid card feuds more than FURTHER building up the main event feuds (although that can be important too, I just don't like them rushing some of the mid card feuds/matches for the PPVs).
  11. They won't and shouldn't cancel Smackdown. It still pulls in some of the best ratings on Cable television every week and earns them a ton of cash in ad sales revenue, plus its been on the air since mid-1999. That makes it one of the longest-running episodic TV shows in history, not far behind Raw. That gives them another accolade to tout and be proud of.

    Personally, I don't have much of a problem with Smackdown as it is. Three hours of Raw should be all that you need to tell the majority of your stories for one week. Anything extra left over that needs extra build up for a PPV is what SD is for, plus giving more screen/promo time to guys lower on the card who didn't get as much (or any) air time on Raw. I also don't find that Smackdown is really that bad on most weeks (I barely ever watch, but I read the spoilers and the show seems watchable if you're a really avid WWE fan, which I'm not much of nowadays.) There's usually no major story developments, but what do you expect when Raw is their flagship.

    If I made any changes to the show at all, I'd just ax Main Event. I seriously doubt that anyone subscribes to the Network just because Main Event is part of it. There's been numerous amounts of things that have been booked on Main Event since its inception (champion vs champion between CM Punk and Sheamus, Undertaker showing up to tell Paul Heyman to deliver his threatening message to Brock Lesnar, Shield vs Wyatts III, numerous IC/US Title defenses, etc.) that could have been done on Smackdown to make the latter feel more important and worth watching.
  12. Make the shit live, I have no interested in taped shows whether it's TNA ROH or WWE. The live part is half the reason I watch it, when they botch it's hilarious, and adds more entertainment to it, almost as much as when a huge move pays off.

    Don't brand split, just have smackdown storylines alongside RAW storylines that carry through PPV's. Have the lesser stories pre-show for an hour before the PPV from smackdown (newer or underused talent) for free before the ppv starts. I know 3 hours is really long but the extra hour being an entirely different feud would be something worth getting my interest before the main show starts.

    Also drop the diva's bullshit.
  13. More Cena.

    Okay. Just kidding.

    Seriously, my first choice would be a brand split (I've mentioned that before) with one brand being Smackdown-centric. Barring that, what's been mentioned about having a couple or three Smackdown-specific storylines. I wouldn't have the US Title be the central title on SD, but I'd have the IC and US Titles be the main titles on SD, with regular defenses. Save the WHC Title matches for PPV's and Raw (on occasion).

    Really, though, I've thought the last several episodes of SD have been pretty solid, so I wouldn't change too much.

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  14. I'd actually like it if they only pushed the main feuds on Raw. I.E Cena vs X, Main event stuff. Whilst the IC/US champions or the Lower card got feuds on the Smackdown show. Also cut all the re caps, if you wanna re cap Raw do it next week.
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  15. I suppose I enjoyed SD most when it had its own identity. It used to to be the 'worker's' show.
    SD developed Brock Lesnar into a great performer in the shortest time possible.
    I wonder if it would be possible to bring the Smackdown Six back and sign them to deals

    Hmm. let's see; Benoit, Eddie, Edge, Kurt Angle, Rey and Brock. Sounds healthy to me. I bet they'd all be game to return right now
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  16. Brand. Split.
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  17. Hardcore nudity!
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  18. That would be interesting
  19. Make it live again... split the titles (WHC as Smackdown exclusive).. and brand split... move it back to Thursday night.. gives people reason to watch the show.
  20. Having it compete with TNA on Thursday is interesting.
    It could allow the competitive juices to start flowing once again