News What Cersaro will be doing at mania

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. This can of course change if they come up with something else but I would not be opposed to him winning it. He'll be the first ever to win it and that's something that cannot be taken away from him. Could definitely be worse people to win it.
  2. Meh. I wouldn't be surprised to see him do as Cena has done and pull himself out of the battle royal to compete either against Swagger or The Usos for the tag team championships. Then again, it's probably not likely they'll have two different people pull that same thing.

    I was actually hoping to see a fatal four-way elimination match between The Usos, Real Americans, New Age Outlaws and The Los Matadores at Mania for the straps that saw Cesaro and Swagger split from each other either once the match was over (Cesaro doing the Big Swing on either Coulter or Swagger or both sounds like a good Wrestlemania moment to me) or the next night on Raw but meh. The battle royal is still a pretty good way to trigger further dissension between them, especially if one eliminates the other during the course of the match or if the match comes down to just the two of them as the final participants and they're forced to face off.
  3. Swagger vs Cesaro in a make multiple letters why he should be removed from Real Americans match.
  4. Fuck that. I want to see Cesaro go over Swagger. It would be the biggest moment of his career so far and announce him as a threat to other singles competitors.

    This lame battle royal will be won by some random legend or Roman Reigns imo.
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  5. ZIggler is winning this shit. Believe it
  6. Cesaro vs Swagger would be nice
  7. I would rather see the RA go against the Usos for the tag titles.

    And lose....leading to an explosion between the two.

  8. See absolutely no problem with this. I suppose with the Shield split imminent, they should save the RA and Rhodes brothers' breakups for another time so it doesn't feel like every tag team in this company hates each other.

    It would actually be cool to see Jack Swagger win the Andre trophy, that oughta frustrate another dude at the event, brother. Hogan involved with the Real Americans could... actually.... be kind of interesting. *runs to vomit*
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  9. Now you're getting into my real fear: that Hogan will be a usual presence on WWE television again (outside of doing some wrestling history show on WWEN or being in Legends House, which would be fine). I just really don't want to see Hogan on Raw and Smackdown every week, even in a backstage character role.

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  10. Was just thinking more about this, and while you know good and well how I feel about Hogan being on TV at all... having a legend like Hogan involved with an almost afterthought of an act like the Real Americans would actually be pretty cool. Who knows, maybe if Swagger swerves us and wins this thing, then Hogan can see Swagger holding up the Andre trophy and get some flashbacks... and the All-American American can get some help from Mr. America in a big face turn, maybe even winning the US Title. It could actually be a cool goofy mid-card thing... but that's the issue, it has to be mid-card because the idea of actually pushing a Hogan/Swagger combination... no. Just no.

    Or they can just have a lifesize statue of Andre fall over onto Hogan. That works, too.

    (Man, I miss writing wrestling posts like this. So much fun. :emoji_slight_smile: )
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  11. Damn it!

    When you put it like that, I kinda like the idea, too. :sad:

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  12. As long as Cesaro's on the card I'm satisfied, love seeing him in action! Him winning the battle royal would be cool although I think they might swerve and give it to Rusev and start a Kozlov esque mega push for Rusev.
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