What championship would you bring?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. If you could bring a new championship to WWE what would it be? When I mean by this is, would you bring a Diva tag team championship, a television championship, hardcore championship, light heavyweight championship, or any others you can think of.

    I myself would choose a television championship just to give it to a low card guy who needs to be noticed by the crowd, it'll give them TV time and a championship to their resume, plus if they become world champion then more prestige goes to the television championship since it was held by a wrestler who became a world champion.
  2. Diva Tag Team. This would make me bias, I guess
  3. Cruiserweight (with a separate division of course), to get some fast-paced high-flying matches, or TV as you said, for Low carders to get noticed.
  4. I'd love to have the hardcore championship back, but this would mean WWE ending it's PG-era. And I would expect Hardcore matches on Raw! and not just PPV's.
  5. Doesn't really mean PG-era has to end. Just means it'll be more crazy, doesn't have to be stuff that'll make it go up. And I was thinking of some interesting ones, like maybe a submission championship that can only be defended or competed for in a submission match. Think it would be interesting.
  6. Hardcore title, make some matches abit better.
  7. I mean if the hardcore title was back, I would expect Chair Shots to the head, blood, barb wire bats. Until PG-era is finished, I won't get any of them :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. Cruiser weight.
  9. I’m just going to quote what i wrote in another thread. I think the internet championship would be a good addition.

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