Extreme Rules What % Chance do you give ER of being better than Mania?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. I'll say between 95-100%. It will absolutely be a much more entertaining PPV start to finish.
  2. 85%. The rest will seriously have to suck for it to be worse than Wrestlemania. Dolph performing as champion alone makes the PPV better.
  3. The matches may be much better, I say a 80/85%
  4. Mos def. I'm really hoping Henry gets thrown into the ME for a triple threat as well.
  5. Same. Even though the match will fucksuck, the actual build would be dope with heel Henry and tweener/badass Ryback. You can just guarantee a mark-out session though when people see Dolph walking out on a PPV as a world champion, and obviously retaining. Been waiting for it for AGES it seems.
  6. I doubt the match would suck. It would have a stupid finish, but Henry would be entertaining throughout. Ryback would probably get fucking whooped at some point so he could take half the match off, like always.
  7. 100% no doubt.
  8. Since i'm expecting Shield vs Taker, Kane and D-bry. Dolph as Champion, Anything that has Punk/Jericho in. Gotta already be looking better than Wrestlemania.
  9. Lots of quality has to do with the hype, and there's already more hype for ER than 'Mania ever had.
    Plus it's the better PPV almost every year. 99%
  10. ER 2012 was def PPV of the year of that year.
    So I have high hopes for this one.
  11. 141 2/3%

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  12. 7% just to disagree with everyone. But seriously it's going to be much, much better just for the fact we get to see DZ as champ, and probably the fallout of hell no.
  13. The only thing I see WM being better at than ER is Undertaker.
    I just hope we don't have to see Rock there tbh.
  14. 99%. I said this before WM as well. The post WM stretch last year was the best stuff I've seen since returning in 2011, with ER being the best PPV.
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  15. 75.87562% without considering that they shield is going to be there . If not 84.76281%
  16. Reply to the God Damn PM! :mad2:
  17. @"Dolph'sZiggler" There is a little chance I believe. Wrestlemania didn't have a good match on it, bar Punk vs Taker.

    ER will most likely be:

    Cena vs Ryback - Cage/Table match

    Miz vs Wade - (I would love a street fight) but I doubt it

    Hell No & someone vs Shield - (I would love a tornado falls count anywhere) But I doubt it, instead a table match maybe

    Antonio vs someone pre-show

    Ziggler vs Jericho - This will make it a good match if it happens & if Fandango attacks Jericho post match, I will like that

    ADR vs Swagger #1 contenders match - A good match as well if made Submission

    That is what I believe will happen and it could be a good show.

    so to answer: 65%
  18. anything that has 1 or 2 good matches is better than Mania IMO so 97%
  19. for WWE you mean, right?
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