What commentary pairing would you have on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. King sucks, I'm sorry but he does and most of us here know it. It's time for his ass to completely retire. But what duo would you have on RAW?

    I think Michael Cole has been exceptional as a face especially, so I would keep him. But I think the best colour-commentator in WWE by a mile is JBL, so he would be who I would pair Cole with. Not just that, but they both have a huge amount of chemistry with each other.

    At a stretch I'd say to have JR there as well, but it can sometimes be overkill. Though his banter with JBL is sometimes gold as well.
  2. JBL and Cole would be great

    On smackdown matthews said something like "I didn't get a text from you today" (valentines day) And JBL went on for a solid minute "WHat's wrong with you" "why would you want a text from me" I was rolling, he makes me laugh
  3. Haha that sounds absolutely hilarious. Makes me wish SmackDown was something I could put up with because listening to JBL never gets old. It amazes me how fast he has picked it all up again; he was incredible from the very first show on his return.
  4. I'd have JR and JBL on commentary. Heel or face Cole is just irritating to hear sometimes. His commentary often sounds like two elderly gay men fighting over who's bending over 1st.
  5. http://youtu.be/e9KscKKRuOw?t=27m25s
    Hey man, just listen to that commentary from 27m 25s to 28m 30s

    The first link will start it right at the spot and this video you can do it manually.

    " you wanted a text message from me?""I have a wife."" You wanted a text message from me saying what? Happy Valentines Day I heart you." That's why i want him on raw
  6. i would have Cole - King - Jr
  7. Depends on what you want.

    Serious commentary: Cole, Striker, JBL
    Humerous: Cole, Booker, Regal
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  8. Anyone but keven Kelly.... That is awful
  9. I think JBL and Cole would be great together on Raw. Their youtube show is hilarious :dawg:
  10. +1
  11. I've been saying for ages that Booker needs to team up with Regal or JBL, would be incredibly funny.
  12. Steiner, Booker and Nash.
  13. :lol1:

    JBL and Cole.
  14. You don't find JBL humerous?
  15. JBL-Cole

  16. JBL & Cole easily. Absolutely love the chemistry between these two and they're personally my favorite commentary pairing in history, plus they're nostalgic for me because it wasn't too long after I started watching that they became Smackdown's commentary team and that was back when I not only watched Smackdown but loved it. JBL & JR is another good one, perhaps with Cole too but I don't really like three men commentary teams. It's just a dynamic that I never find really works because normally it just leaves someone as third wheel, normally King in WWE situations. But I'd keep King as far away from the announce table as possible so I don't see the benefit. Final option, JBL & Joey Styles. For the simple reason that these two are my two personal favorite commentators and I think they're chemistry could be great.

    As long as JBL's there and King isn't though, I wouldn't complain in the slightest.
  17. Not that he's not funny, just that you'd get actual good commentary out of the guy too. Booker and Regal will be too busy arguing with each other in their own weird little languages to call the match.
  18. Cole/JBL, Cole/JR/JBL, Cole/Booker/Regal sounds like great entertainment as well.
  19. Cole and JBL....
    King should retire ASAP, he is so boring.
  20. Would love for Booker and Teddy to be commentary, so Booker can make shitty puns all night and have Long be forced to laugh at them.

    Quality entertainment.

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