What Could of Helped the WWE Network?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. By now we all know that the WWE Network is struggling and only brought in 30,000 subscribers since April. What do you think could help the WWE Network, right now or before it launched?
  2. Better product, all old episodes of Raw and SD as well as the ppvs.
    Even when the network launches here in October, I'm not going to bother with it.
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  3. Honestly, other than perhaps more old school stuff (like Raw, lol) I don't see how else it could've done better. It's a great deal but I don't think people are interested in getting it, the PPVs are a sweet deal but for most people that's about it. People aren't that interested in WWE these days, so I don't see what they could've put on the Network that would attract viewers;
  4. They aren't giving us anything. They are only giving us what they want us to see.
    If they truly want views, give us a look into the McMahon family. Have a show that looks into and follows their daily life.
    Until they give us juicy stuff, they are simply sh** canning us with empty bullsh**.
    The phrase 'Same old sh**' applies here. I want a show following Shane, a show following Steph and so on. This is a flash in the pan idea, but its the only thing I'd even watch on that crappy network.
  5. Every RAW and Smackdown would be a good start.. and then start uploading more WCW Nitro episodes. You've only got a fraction of your video library up there... hurry up and digitize the rest and upload it.
  6. The easy answer is to "Go to the fans. Talk to them about why they aren't subscribed, and suit your network to the fans" but that really can't be done because 90% of wrestling fans have the IQ of ceiling fans.

    Case in point, I asked my three best wrestling-fan friends (not named GN82) what would get them to subscribe. One mentioned the PPV library so he can relive the days when he enjoyed the product (as he's into hardcore stuff), one never even thought of the idea of purchasing it since he doesn't care about the PPV's (obvious fix there) and the other laughed in my face and said "Paying for a PPV? Why? LOL" because you can always stream them. Then there's me, who hasn't subscribed due to the 6-month commitment and now after all the dirtsheet crap I've read I feel empowered as a non-subscriber, and that ordering Summerslam would send the message that Cena and Lesnar are draws which is the last thing I want them thinking.

    It's strange to say it for something that's just TEN FREAKING DOLLARS, but they really need to think outside the box. Shoot, if you're wanting to keep up with the current product Hulu is possibly the better way to do it, since you get NXT + next day Raw + the 90 minute Raw that isn't unwatchable + you can stream the PPV's. This should not be the case.

    -The Network needs exclusive content worth watching that is marketable and you can't find anywhere else. What do they have, Legends House and WWE Countdown? Yuck. NXT isn't really marketable since it has the stench of the SyFy version on it, so it's an anti-draw for all 5 of the casual wrestling fans, or at least 3 of them while the other two say "lol developmental"

    -Different ways of watching WWE programming will always be appreciated. Aside from the 90 minute version, why not put up the shows segment-by-segment so each person can watch the 1/3rd of the show that caters to them without having to fast-forward through stuff? (That would also be a nice indicator of who's drawing) Also there can be stuff like different camera angles so you could get a fan's perspective... OOOH! How about Raw with no commentary? I will literally pay to shut Michael Cole up.

    -An idea I heard someone bring up: While it's a dumb idea to have their direct competitors on there like TNA or even ROH, what would be the harm in bringing some indie wrestling to the Network? For example, UStream is cancelling IPPV so New Japan Pro Wrestling won't have a deal here in the States, so what would be the harm in making a deal with NJPW to air their shows on the Network?

    -Don't give the Network heel heat. Tout was actually a pretty cool idea, but the first thing you thought of with Tout was how much you wanted WWE to shut the fuck up about it.

    -And then there's the obvious answer: Fix the damn product, make us interested and invested in your shows and make the PPV's worth paying for. End of story, case closed. :pipebomb: If you want to know why fans aren't buying the Network, having the Feud of the Year so far be El Torito vs Hornswoggle is a good place to start. Having EVERY SINGLE ANGLE this year be dropped unceremoniously is another one.
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  7. Nothing to add; great post, just wanted to say lol Tout :lol1: I remember that.
  8. Ordering the Network is like going to Subway asking for a sandwich and they hand you one without asking what you'd like on it.
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  9. Full episodes of all RAWs and Smackdowns as well as WCW Nitro and WCW Thunder.
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  10. Worldwide launch would've been a start.

    Then basically what Snow said.
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  11. All Nitro's are supposed to be up by January
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  12. Still lacks the other three components.
  13. Honestly, if they released all the content at once.
  14. Will it not all get boring eventually? I can't justify spending $10 a month just so I can watch something from the past.
    It needs original content just the way any television channel would require. The original content WWE has only serves their best interest and won't do anything to conflict with their main values.
    The difference between this and any other network is that the WWE network isn't innovative in the least. Why should anybody pay $10 a month for this garbage?
  15. Limousine car bomb explosion, ftw. lol
  16. Maybe if they included a year supply of burritos. I fucking love burritos.
  17. "New Jack isn't happy".
    This would be an animated series surrounding New Jack. Some unlucky bum would p*ss off New Jack and the cat would get served.
    When New Jack felt like getting laid, he'd do it. When New Jack felt like getting paid, he'd do that.

    Each episode New Jack would learn more about himself and the world, but each time somebody tried to make Jack learn from his own mistakes, they'd get dealt with.
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  18. It's funny how TNA is the only wrestling company in the US that isn't doing IPPV's.
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