What could Triple H's big Raw Announcement be?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by RedDwarfTechy, Jan 29, 2015.

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  1. Triple H came out on SmackDown and said he has an announcement that will 'shake the core of the WWE Universe'.

    What do you guys think it will be? It's promo'd as if it will be regarding Reigns/Rumble result.

    Maybe Reigns joins the authority? :nope:
  2. Mr.McMahon is retiring and Triple H is taking over? No? Alright.
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  3. They're going to have Reigns face Curtis Axel since Axel was never eliminated at the Rumble.

    If Reigns wins, he goes on to headline Wrestlemania. If Axel wins, they have to have another Royal Rumble at the Fast Lane PPV.

    And Reigns has to compete against Axel with both hands tied behind his back and a blindfold. And if he loses, he doesn't get to compete in the new Royal Rumble.

    Sounds legit, right?

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  4. Best announcement ever!
  5. I'd be down for that!

    However, it'll probably be him challenging the Stinger for WM.
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  6. HHH is 16 and pregnant.
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  7. Triple H had already touched on that before mentioning his announcement, they're doing a face off at Fast Line. His announcement Monday is supposed to be directly correlated to the 'controversial' Rumble ending.
  8. They're gonna play hockey at fast lane?!?! Even better!!!! :yay:

    See, cause you said face off.......hockey......get it?
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  9. It'll be one of 3 things..

    1. Curtis Axel, as WK jokingly was saying earlier.. but I believe with the timing of the tweets from Axel the way it is that something will actually come from that. Possibly a match between Axel and Reigns with Reigns crushing Axel to shut him up.

    2. Announcing Roman Reigns' Fast Lane opponent... Daniel Bryan. (Why? Because the fans booed Reigns but cheered Bryan, so let's see who really deserves a shot at WM)

    3. Announcing a stipulation for the Lesnar/Reigns WM match (but I think it's a little early for that.)

    I think HHH will continue talking about Sting until Fast Lane when they beat up each other a little bit and HHH promptly sets up the WM match but the announcement Monday will have nothing at all to do with Sting.
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  10. As Bryan was never defeated to lose the championship, he gets a match with Roman Reigns to decide who fights Lesnar at WrestleMania.


    no? :heyman:
  11. Since he said the controversy of the Royal Rumble would be addressed and that controversy is directly linked to Daniel Bryan, it'll obviously have something to do with Bryan. I wouldn't put it past him to troll people with the Curtis Axel stuff at first just for the lolz before giving the real announcement, though.

    Either Roman Reigns will face off with Daniel Bryan at Fast Lane to determine who will really face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, or (the thought of this is delicious and luscious to my brain) he announces that Brock Lesnar will defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship one last time before Wrestlemania against Daniel Bryan at Fast Lane. The justification for either option despite Bryan fairly losing the Royal Rumble match could be that Bryan was forced to forfeit his championship last year and never actually lost it in in-ring competition.

    Of course, people aren't gonna suddenly start cheering Roman Reigns again just because they gave Bryan a title shot and had him lose, so should that title match actually happen at Fast Lane, maybe they'll be some sort of non-finish or something that grants Bryan another shot at Wrestlemania. Either way, unless they're fucking with us in some way (which would be a pretty stupid thing for them to do), the WM main event looks like it's gonna be either Lensar vs Bryan or Lesnar vs Bryan vs Reigns.
  12. HHH's announcement is gonna be like 'LOL, I trolled yer asses. I just wanted you to tune in to RAW.' *leaves the ring*
  13. I really don't know. I guess Lesnar/Bryan on Fast Lane is a possibility.
  14. Lesnar working Fast Lane? :booker2:

    Even though he was included in that promo for Fast Lane, I don't see him working it.
  15. Unlikely, but they've saved up on appearances quite a lot.
  16. We'll see, though.

    I'd love to be proven wrong and have Lesnar work Fast Lane. And no, not against Kane or Big Show or any similar BS to that.
  17. Didn't Rock and Batista work Elimination Chamber on part time runs? Not sure why you think a part timer is immune to working the last PPV before Mania. Seems like commonplace.
  18. I'm not saying it's impossible or that it hasn't happened before, but there's that 'paid per appearance' stuff with Brock, right?

    So, I doubt they'd just waste their money on him doing nothing there. Sure, they must've saved up on him not appearing from NOC till like a month before the Rumble, so if he ends up appearing more frequently till Mania, all the better.

    He was in that Fast Lane PPV promo, so I'd love it if he had a match there, or if he showed up during Roman's match, for instance and F-5'd him or something along those lines.
  19. I think he will work a match. I don't think WWE wants his presence fading before Mania. He is going to be fairly present.
  20. I'll say this if it's about giving DB a shot at WM I'm going to be upset. Not that I don't think the guy shouldn't have another shot it's just that those fans who are fapping over DB being so over and how it was wrong to give Roman the title shot. I just think it would be bad for business for the E to give into threats to cancel the network, if they do it once it opens the flood gates and pretty soon we'll have DB never losing the title and he'll be the next Cena.
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