What current faces could be great heels?

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  1. Is there any faces on the roster that you feel could be great heels? There is nothing more frustrating than a face who could be a LOT more entertaining as a heel,
  2. Daniel Bryan (pretty sure he's a face now). His heel character before the anger issues was very entertaining.
    The obvious throwout of John Cena if given the chance.
    Brodus Clay as a big physical monster.
    That's what I have right now but I am sure I can come up with more.
  3. I think Sheamus, Brodus Clay and Randy Orton could be pretty solid heels.
  4. Orton..
  5. I'd really like to see Orton go heel, maybe even Cena. Randomly though I'd like to see Rey and Cara start to act more Heelish, with Alberto Del Rio becoming a face, they need some kind of good Mexican heels. Though I doubt the fans would start to boo Mysterio and Sin Cara, i'd like to see them use more heel methods in the ring to combat the amount of other tag teams in WWE.
  6. Cena could be a good heel, we've already seen it done before. I think a Cena heel turn would be a huge shocker when ever they decide to do it, if they decide to do it. I'm not much of a Cena fan, but that would be something I would mark out for.

    Orton was made to be a heel, he's not that type of guy who can do a face role, it's not him. He pulled off great heel roles as the legend killer and the leader of Legacy, so that would be good.

    Undertaker who really isn't defined as a heel or face would be a good change if we saw him go absolute heel. Whenever Taker goes heel he is always a lot more brutal as are his segments. Did great as a heel both in the Ministry of Darkness & as The American Bad Ass.

    The Miz's current face turn is absolutely dreadful. It's like they took the same annoying heel role and just made him go against heels. Miz's personality is annoying and therefore better suited to be a heel.
  7. Too late on this one now, turning now would be catastrophic for him.

    Err, apart from the ones mentioned, I'd like a Santino turn, him ranting at the company for what they've made him do, blurring the lines of Kayfab would be pure awesomeness.
  8. Santino is pretty good in ring and definitely a good entertainer when he's not going overly PG. I'm not sure that role would be fit for Santino because he's been built as a comedian, but I'd take a Santino push any time I can get it.
  9. I think he just needs something to do and something to direct himself against. Like when Jericho turned face. His original Y2J persona shared a lot of elements with Miz's persona, in being very annoying and narcissistic. Thus they utilized that by putting him in a program with Stephanie. They need to find something similar for Miz to do. I believe that anyone can be utilized in either role, if they find the right way to do it.
  10. Good point, Miz against Vickie would be the equivalent of that today.
  11. Please tell me you're not comparing Miz to Jericho?
  12. No. What I am comparing are similar character traits. As complete characters and performers they are very different people.
  13. R Truth, his little jimmy gimmick was setting off however he's now a boring face.
  14. Cena, Orton, Truth, Brodus and Bryan come to mind.
  15. To be honest, we don't really know.

    There are cases where guys with no personality became heels and were surprisingly successful (see Bryan, Daniel) so who's to say if someone like a Kofi Kingston wouldn't be a boss heel?
  16. John Cena (obviously) , Sheamus, Randy Orton, Triple H (as a Heel COO) and Brodus Clay
  17. As much as I don't like him, perhaps being heel would suit ryback better. Besides that, the king should go back to being a heel announcer, and, let's see....Rey mysterio just to pick a name out of my rear. I don't recall Rey every being heel so may be interesting
  18. Kofi Kingston...Evil Jamaican who stabs you in the face with a splif...

    Much like this idiot:

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