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Mike and Maria Kanellis re-signed with WWE recently, apparently to long term deals. Very shortly after that, they were put on television and Mike has been treated like absolute shit ever since.

It’s ranged from comical to downright uncomfortable.

First, Maria revealed she was pregnant during a mixed tag match while outright saying she doesn’t know how he got her pregnant because he’s not man enough to do such a thing. Then she eviscerated him again, calling him a failure of a husband, and, more or less, a pathetic human being. Later, she insinuated he may not be the father of her unborn child.

It’s been that bad.

It reached a new low this week.

Maria, still calling Mike an absolute waste of space, tried to wrestle his match for him because, in her opinion, she, even pregnant, would have better odds of winning. She wasn’t allowed to do so, of course, and he wrestled as scheduled.

He lost in seconds. To Zack Ryder.

He was squashed. By Zack Ryder.

He was beat with one move, by ZACK. RYDER.

Again I ask: what did Mike Kanellis do to deserve this?

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