What did Santa bring you 2013 edition

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Stopspot, Dec 24, 2013.

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  1. So what did Santa Claus/the Krampus give you this year?

    I got some workout gloves, some kitchen utensils, some home decoration stuff from my step mom (she loves the stuff) a giant novelty pencil and giant novelty wash cloth, clothes, some cash and a car (grandmom and granddad gave me money to buy my car).

    Tell me what you got kiddos.

    And no Frank, you can't file a complaint because Santa didn't bring you muscles .
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  2. The hell? Its not even midnight here :/
  3. The only things I have so far is £20 Game giftcard, Big Daddy Book and a £15 Xbox Card
  4. My dad walking like a penguin.
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  5. In Scandinavia we celebrate on the 24th. 25th is for partying
  6. gaydinavia

    hahahahaha xD
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  7. Haven't opened my presents yet... Will be drunk tomorrow, so Santa will bring me some coal, then I'll burn the clothes I'll be wearing while shouting out loud "hey, I'm on fire" and then think "damn, I'm literally on fire..." I'll then go to the shower and sing "set fire to the rain."

    And that's what I do when I'm drunk :haha:
  8. Snow on GTA online :haha:
  9. A breaking bad blanket. Some Breaking bad shirts. Calvin Johnsons shoes. Xbone. and some other clothes.
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    • X-Gear Deluxe Tool
    • Injustice: Gods Among Us for the PS4
    • Playstation Camera for my PS4
    • 3 months of PS Plus
    • Iron Patriot Hoodie
    • Captain America Hoodie
    • Superman Case that holds bathroom stuff
    • Playboy Hollywood Body Wash & Other Shit
    • Marvel Comics Pajamas
    • The Grinch Cup
    • Cookie Monster Winter Hat
    • 32" HDTV
  10. Nothing. At all.
  11. Oh, and how was your mom's present?

    Expected since you are from Spain.
  12. She was kissing my ass today. She doesn't want me to move out anymore.
  13. Ah, I see. She finally realized everyone needs a little Jwaby in their lifey?
  14. Ye
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  15. Skittles and a bottle of rum. Probably just going to get wasted with the girlie all day tomorrow.
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  16. NOTHING!!! :angry:

    No but seriously, my mom still puts from Santa Clause on half my stuff... LOLOL
    My parents got me a necklace that matches my wedding ring and a few other things. My one brother got me a Browns tote bag and a pretty little candle, my nana and grandpa gave my $20... and that's it so far. I enjoyed spending time with them more then anything. I didn't need the gifts. Wayne and I plan on halting Christmas all together aside from family time. I think the holiday is a joke anymore. Really, all holidays are to me. There is nothing wrong with celebrating love for family, but I don't think it should be done only a few days out of the year.
  17. Did Wayne give you anything that is '6 and is hard?
  18. I meant a nice half footlong subway sub toasted btw.
  19. :pity: I hate toasted subs.
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