What did you get for Christmas then?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 25, 2012.

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  1. Thought I'd make a thread for you spoiled sods.


    - A lovely new puppy.
    - Basically a new laptop, since I'm sharing it with my brother :emoji_slight_smile:
    - Lots of clothes
    - Pet toys and accessories.

    Very thankful for it all. What about you guys?
  2. Everyone knows I am pretty broke and since this is my first Christmas living away from home they all just hooked me up with money and gift cards. I got a few clothing items as well.
  3. Some new games, cash.
  4. Laptop n clothes n shit.
  5. I got a new nose. #PlasticSurgeries :ryan:

    Just kidding, I got my penis cut. It was way way way too big, the docs said, so you know... Size matters.
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  6. And here I entered the thread with a genuine curiosity as to what Testify had received for CHristmas. I should have known better lol
  7. [​IMG]

    So you really wanna know what I got? I got a tour around the world for just 350$. That tour is consisting out of two blonds, bourbon, 5 hour energy drink, and their waxed bodies.
  8. A Hakeem Nicks jersey and some gift cards.
  9. I woulda went Cruz or JPP. Nicks is a boss when healthy though
  10. Gift cards, t shirts, wallet, baby clothes
  11. Already have them and Manning. (Old Reebok versions) All i need is a Tuck and i'll be cool. Maybe an old skool strahan or LT.
  12. Reebok versions :eww:

    Nike or bust :woo1:

    I literally refused to buy Raiders gear with Reebok on it. I knew Nike would take back over after that contract was up.
  13. $20, one of the Fallout games, gift cards, and a Chevy shirt, and going to the movies today :true:
  14. Santa didn't come by my house this year. Fuck him.
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  15. :adr: Ran him over when he was coming to your house.
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  16. Galaxy Note 10.1
    Diesel aftershave
    Lynx body set
    Shirt, jacket
    Thorntons football boot (chocolate for non-uk)
    FIFA 13
    2 selection boxes and a bag of haribo.
  17. Fact: Santa rhymes with "Kanta" ; what means a can. a cup. Bottom line, Santa is one the verge of getting that can of whoopass. :steiner:
  18. Big bowl of nothing.
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  19. New shaving set (razors and shaving gel),
    Underwear (happy for it, some of mine I have had for like 5 years so I was looking for a reason to throw them out),
    Cover for my HTC desire (actually got the HTC 1 version since my parents got the phones mixed up, fixing that on the middle day sales no biggie)
    500 bucks from grampa
    1200 bucks gift cards from Ikea from my aunt and maternal grandmother,
    two t-shirts,
    dish drying rack (the one in my apartment was falling apart, cheap wooden piece of crap),
    A hair trimmer,
    More money,
    A lottery ticket which I won 20 bucks on,
    A piece of Testify's "you know what" in the mail.

    Over all happy with the loot :ryan:
  20. A lot of kitchen stuff, some gift cards, jewelry, clothes.


    My husband got me a CM Punk shirt & hoodie :yay:
    He got me lots of stuff :otunga:
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