What did you think of Heyman?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. :win::win::win: What did you guys think of Paul Heyman being a boss on monday?
  2. I think he was pretty cool. Considering Paul Heyman has "2 lawsuits" against Triple H does that now mean Shawn Michaels has one against Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar?.. LOOL!
  3. Lol'd at Shawn and Heyman arguing from their cars.
  4. I know that made my episode!
  5. He is simply terrific, I run out of superlatives to give this guy. When he sold Brock's arm break I was quite impressed.
  6. You..Broke His arm..?.. You Broke his arm? Oh my..!
  7. It's just so easy to hate him. Even as a smark who marks hard for the guy, I find myself thinking "Wow, you're a dick" when I see his character, that's how good he is. I hope he stays after SS.
  8. I just loved him the entire time Brock had Shawn down. His voice the whole time was just one big :win:
  9. Heyman is always a boss and always manages to enhance Brock’s character by making up what Brock lacks in verbal charisma. The segment with him last night was pretty awesome. I loved his reaction when Brock broke HBK’s arm. It seriously had me concerned that Brock actually did break his arm as Heyman seemed genuinely mortified at what he just did! I’m now wondering if Heyman will play a role in the outcome of the match at summerslam. Can’t wait to find out!
  10. Heyman is gold, pure and simple. Still seriously wish punk would have lost his title, giving heyman more appearances to showoff the talent he found. Could have been a great story and a better way to keep brocks appearances down but keep it in the spotlight.
  11. From his car segment until the end of the show, Heyman so sounded like a chick.
  12. The best promo guy currently in the company in my honest opinion.
  13. GOAT promos.
  14. The best on the mic, simple as that.
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