What did you think of Magno?

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  1. Apart from a couple of botches, I was relatively impressed with him. I thought his move set was pretty dope and that TNA could benefit from someone like him. I still want Adam Pearce to win, but I can't help but want TNA to sign Magno as well.

    What about you?
  2. For a luchador he moves too slowly IMO. If he were a a brawling type of wrestler with lucha moves sprinkled in, that'd tickle my fancy. Right now it would be a pass for me.
  3. Yeah, he is pretty slow and not very charismatic or exciting. I wanted to like him, but meh. Pass
  4. Slow, not that charismatic. Pierce for the win.
  5. Pierce > Magno, but I'd sign them both somehow. They were both rock solid, but I've watched WAY more of Pierce's work from his NWA and PWG days, so it might be a bias from my side.

    TNA needs guys like Magno, though. Just find the way to sign them both, TNA.

    For what it's worth, Adam Pierce is being advertised as TNA superstar for the WWL show coming up soon.
  6. The hard part about the new style is that we get interested real quickly and it doesnt take much to want to see more. I will take Pierce, and wait for better competition. Unfortunately Magno has no place in TNA at the moment.
  7. I also preferred Pierce but if he was signed I wouldn't dislike it.
  8. Anyway, thinking about it, I wouldn't sign the dude Magno. There's a lot better masked guys out there that are already TNA prospects like Rubix (Jigsaw) and Puma (Tj Perkins). As far as Latino audience goes, they have Chavo Jr. & Shaun Hernandez.

    :no: for Magno,

    :yes: for "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce.
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