What did you think of Willow then?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Curious to know what TNA fans thought of Willow at Lockdown. Personally, let's say I wasn't keen.
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    You mean Hardy with a mask and a different pair of pants? Yeah, he was a let down but it's Hardy so it's not surprising.
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  3. The first impression I have is a negative one. Like Shadow said, the gimmick is literally Jeff Hardy in different wrestling attire and a mask. His move-set from what I saw is exactly the same as it was before, I'm a believer that when a superstar switches gimmick's that they should bring something different to their move-set. It is still early stages but the first signs are not pointing in the right direction as a TNA fan.
  4. Just don't give the slightest bit of fuck about what mask Jeff Hardy is wearing.
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  5. Was difficult to care as through this entire feud the Wolves have shone brighter than a million suns. The Wolves have come out if this looking even more impressive even with the random title victory and loss.
  6. Willow > Hardy

    But still, it's Hardy so what do I know eh
  7. Bump.

    Did anyone else think that Willow's match on Impact this week was a double-turn? It really came across that way...
  8. It was the best Hardy match since forever. It had more character development for Hardy than he ever had in his career. Awesome segment and storytelling if you remember Spud costing Hardy the World Championship.
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  9. I completely forgot about that! When you put it that way it makes a whole lot of sense. As it was, the beating went on to the point where it became uncomfortable to watch, and Spud became so sympathetic.

    Thanks, Tenay, you're so great at your job.
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  10. Well, I have to say that it's at least a little bit of freshness to Hardy, so that's a plus. I'm not a fan of the guy, but this is a bit different, so for the time being it's bearable.
  11. This. And I am something of a Jeff Hardy fan even though I worry about his reliability.

    I think it's a pretty decent character given how "weird" Hardy was already getting.

  12. Just stumbled upon the video on youtube and I wanted to check out his intro. See what he did with this whacked out persona. It was......ok. I like how they blurred out everything but the middle of the shot in his entrance. The black and white was a nice touch as well. But why an umbrella??? Keep in mind that I don't watch TNA normally. Just curious about this new gimmick.
  13. i dug the lighting in his entrance too the rest not so much.
  14. wasn't digging the pants, but unlike a lot of others it seems I like both of the Hardy bros so seeing him in action in any way is pretty kewl.
  15. Why did they act like he hit Spudd, was it, on the leg that had the chair when it looked to me like Willow just landed a splash from the ladder on Spud's midsection? "Ohhhh his leg that he (didn't) just hit must be shattered" Shut up Taz.
  16. Still meh from me, its a cool idea but for me I just aint buying him as a threat.
  17. maybe tna have finally realised that Jeff Hardy isn't a draw after all
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