What direction should Sandow be pushed?

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  1. On Raw, Sandow was put in a tag team with Cody Rhodes. In my opinion, that looks like a great tag team. People on this site always talk about rebuilding the tag team division, well here is a great idea. Sandow found someone he can have an intelligent conversation with, and they are out to make the tag team division... more intelligent?

    Regardless i think the two would work together beautifully. Plus, it can also be used to push Sandow for the future after the team separates and he is ready for singles gold. What do you think?
  2. I think it could be for short time, until they figure out where to put Cody in the main event. They shouldn't get the tag team championships together though, it should be a temporary team for maybe a couple of months, then when singles spots start opening up put them in there. They could work great together since they are good at getting heat and have good chemistry.
  3. Sandow needs a good PERSONAL well booked feud with Ryder.
  4. Why Ryder, Crayo?
  5. Their gimmicks = perfect feud.

    One is the intellectual who is the "saviour" of the masses. He hates people like Ryder. Where as Ryder is the fun-loving partying tan boy who just loves to have fun no matter what. Perfect for a feud.
  6. I'd only like that if it was short term. With the tag division I always expect the worst, so I'd keep two talented guys like Cody and Sandow out of there, being that Rhodes should be near the ME already and Sandow should be feuding with Ryder, or Brodus, or Santino.
  7. One Direction.
  8. Cheating on Duncan with other gay singers?
  9. [​IMG]
  10. That poor dog seems uncomfortable.
  11. This. Ryder deserves more time and a heel to make him lose that horrible gimimck, Sandow needs to get something he wont be squashed in, or doing the squashing. He either destroys yoshi or gets worked by ryback/dx/anyone.
  12. I'll never cheat on Duncan. It's a joke!
  13. Straight off a cliff
  14. I take it you're not a fan, Vince?
  15. im just joking :emoji_slight_smile: i love him. he needs to go for a midcard title first. US or IC.
  16. I'd keep him where he is now tbh, until it gets stale. Why not keep him in random, undercard feuds with Ryder, Santino, Brodus, R-Truth (Imagine him doing away with Little Jimmy)... sounds wonderful, plus you can always stick him in a ME-type spot like they did with Sheamus
  17. As long as he stays away from the IC Title, I'll be happy. That's The Miz's title. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  18. I think that Sandow should be put on the IC championship scene.
  19. Forward is a direction right?
  20. The most common relative directions are left, right, forward(s), backward(s), up, and down.
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