What Divas' would you push?

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  1. With all the Kelly Kelly love/hate threads going on, really have to ask: If you were in charge of the WWE Divas' Division and could push whoever you wanted, who would you put at the top of the mountain?

    Avoid indy or TNA stars, but if the FCW/NXT girls impress you, those will be fine.

  2. EVE, AJ, Natalya
  3. Beth, Natalya, AJ...
  4. ^what he said. Add eve, she can push it good.
  5. A top 6 looking something like this, note these would be initial alignments and would change.

    Heel - Beth, Natty and Eve

    Faces - AJ, Layla and Kaitlyn.

    This would work out in similar term to the smackdown 6, what I'd start with would be Beth and AJ running a 3 month angle with the title, whilst Layla and Kaitlyn team against Natty and Eve. After Layla and Kaitlyn go over they would face off in a numbers 1 contender match, both would still be faces. Layla would win and feud with Beth, winning via DQ at the 1st time, winning the belt the 2nd and holding it for 2 months until a multiwoman match which leads to Natty picking it up.
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  6. Seebs why hasn't WWE creative contacted you!
  7. ^Interesting, Seabs. I was thinking about bringing back the Divas of Doom and having Beth and Nattie squashing all the models (not as easy with the Bellas gone :sad:) and having AJ win the belt after an established (read: featured prominently by divas' standards) heel run for Beth where she squashed most of the models. Turn Tamina and have her join, and have a dominant heel faction for some combination of AJ, Layla, and Kaitlyn to overcome. (Eve would be in other storylines)

    Oddly enough, AJ, Layla, and Kaitlyn seem to be at-least-servicable in the ring, and can definitely get over out of it if the fans weren't completely apathetic about the Divas, and the Divas of Doom created a little interest until they botched it.

    I'd love to feature Paige there (damn she's over) and I miss Maxine.
  8. Beth needs to hold the heavyweight title in the next few years
  9. I'd push all of them... All off a cliff.
  10. Eve. She knows how to wrestle.
  11. Tamina as I do think she has some talent there!

    And then basically as Seabs says and I just bow down to that answer!
  12. Kelly Kelly should be pushed shes the only diva to get a reaction. But I think shes getting the hell out of the company and considering they didnt even bother to make time for her to appear on last nights Raw 1000th episode then this has probably given her more amo to leave completely
  13. layla and kaitlyn
  14. I hope she shoots, she'd set the world on fire.
  15. good riddance hope you had the time of your life. :jericho:
  16. Natalya, Beth, Kaitlyn, AJ(actual wrestling), I saw Paige a couple of times, so her too, and Eve. 6 great divas already.
  17. Natalya, Eve, Beth and Kaitlyn.

    They are the most deserving imo. Eve needs to get wrestling ability, Kaitlyn needs to work on it. Beth and Natalya are already two awesome wrestlers.
  18. I'd push it with everyone of them.. wait I don't think I understood the question
  19. Would like to see Tamina being pushed aswell. Nice call, Cloud.
  20. Kaitlyn, Brittani Knight, & Buggy Nova.
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