What do the groups mean?

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  1. I've been gone a bit and have come back in the midst of super colors and such. I can kind of see certain people belonging to each team, but I'm still wondering about this all.

    I'd like to know what each group means. I've missed so much here its intolerable.:upset:
  2. It's a section restricted to certain members who share a common interest.
  3. Team Mizfits = Miz marks, we're awesome

    Team Showoff = Ziggles marks, cool too but lolol those members!

    Team Trunkfit = Currently dead. Don't care about it.

    The Enlightened Ones = Sandow marks. We like that awesome shit

    APA = Team for cool members that like the APA.


    Team Superpipebomb = Don't join, stupid group.

    Team NWO = Has cool members as well, pretty boss team but can see you joining that group.
  4. Thanks, I see now
  5. Join the enlightened ones :emoji_grin:
  6. Thank you, Mr. Kicker, for the invitation.
  7. lolol Mr.Kicker.
  8. Join Super pipebomb, its owned by the forum bitw. Our subsection just has Crayo spamming constantly.
  9. :finger:
  10. nWo is heel power. She already declined.
  11. :win:

    Haha. Anyway this is the page you go to to choose to apply for a group. >>Here<<
  12. Kia should go Nwo or stay solo. Nwo>all those groups.
  13. Laugh Out Loud

    I sdidnt understand the group thing until recently either, don't feel bad kia hah
  14. ^this kid follows me around to get his shots in constantly. Who are you again?
  15. Mr. Cobalt, and who are you?

    Also if you think all I do is take "shots" at you, you either don't know what that means or are easily offended. Chill out man :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. This is the 8th time ive had to correct you. Im the person who gets love from people all over here, and hate from idiots like you who only watch WWE for the punk matches. If you are using sarcasm, realize people cant see your face or tell if your stale shit is serious or a joke.

    No one here who matters takes shit to heart, your posts are randy quality, and by that i mean you are brain damaged if you think i give a shit about you, im helping correct your posts. What group are you in? None? You added nothing to the conversation, just replied to me specifically. Me responding back doesnt mean im butthurt, it means its my turn to joke on you.
  17. You've corrected me? Can you show me what you just did to correct me and the 7 previous times I did?

    I'll correct you, you failed to use an apostrophe in "I've", and also failed to capitalize the I. You're welcome.

    In addition, you're not contributing anything new to this post either, nor are you "joking on me". You are a guy who tried poorly to talk about baseball with me, and insists on posting asshole comments to my posts, and try to bully me into leaving or something.

    Oh, and if you think you "matter" on a message board, you have the brain issues. It's a message board dude, grow up.
  18. dont care about apostrophes, dont care about mattering over you. I contributed before with a joke about nWo being the best, and you felt the need to reply. I posted what i felt in the forum and you bringing up posts from the past...haha umad?

    I dont want you to leave, and you replied to me. BAstar is my slogan here.
  19. Haha you never fail to entertain. You have a good night, I can't wait to read what you have to say tomorrow :-)
  20. You, and so many others here. I keep wondering what group you're in, and when you're going to reply to the original topic to make your contribution worthwhile.
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