What do we do with Brock after HHH?

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  1. What do we do with Lesnar after he's done with HHH? It's interesting since he's still gonna be around, but Im sure that this is gonna be their last match. I say we send him into the WWE title picture for a bit, or maybe even send him into the Money in the Bank match, that is if he wins of course. If he loses, I see him getting over angered and destroying HHH, thus getting saved by a friend or someone who respects him(young talent please) and have them feud. It wouldn't be a waste since being in a feud with Lesnar would help a superstar's credibility, as long as he has a decent match with Brock it'll make him look good. The superstar doesn't have to win, but he has to get a good offense and last a good while.

    Do you guys have any ideas?
  2. i wish wwe putting him in a feud for the wwe title
  3. I personally had a theory about him winning the title at Payback against Cena. But it appears that Cena and Ryback will be having a feud for the title, so what Lesnar's doing after HHH is kind of a blur, so maybe he loses at ER and gets taken out for a couple of months, and returns to feud with someone new.
  4. Brock as champion with Heyman "taking over the company" would be a fantastic summer storyline.
  5. It would also work for Punk's return. Having Punk wanting a shot and challenging Lesnar with Heyman in the middle would be entertaining. However, we all know they're keeping the belt on Cena for a very long time.
  6. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they made Brock/Hunter a best out of 5.
  7. I think I'm one of the few that doesn't think Cena will have a reign similar to Punk's. I think it'll be 3-4 months personally.
  8. Break for a few months.
  9. He defeats Triple H at Extreme Rules and says he's now shown people who the true monster of the WWE is and everyone should now understand that HHH's victory at Wrestlemania was indeed a fluke. He then disappears for a few months. Meanwhile, Cena keeps the title to Summerslam and that's about the time when Lesnar reappears, wanting a title shot for some reason.

    Why would Lesnar want a title shot, though? Keep in mind that kayfabe wise, Lesnar was fired in May 2012 and wants nothing to do with WWE, and it's always other factors that keep him coming back (HHH challenging him, attacking Vince for trying to fire Heyman, then HHH challenging him again.) So, I'm thinking Cena gets in Heyman's face over something (even with both Punk and Brock off the show, Heyman can still have a role on the show) and it leads to Cena giving Heyman an AA or something. For revenge, Heyman intentionally brings back Lesnar to win the WWE Championship from John Cena. Assuming Lesnar does indeed that, this could be the cause for the Punk/Lesnar feud in the summer/fall, as mentioned. Punk returns and wants to be WWE Champion again, and while Heyman tries to get them both under control and on the same page, Lesnar just suddenly snaps and attacks Punk when he's had enough. Heyman then tells Punk the weeks after this that if going against Lesnar is the way he wants to go, then it's his choice. He takes the side of Lesnar and tells Punk that going up against he and Brock is the biggest mistake he'll ever make.

    I also have my own ideas on how to book the Lesnar/Punk feud but I think I'll save that for a thread of it's own.
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  10. On an episode of Raw, I'd have Adrian Neville get a jobber entrance with no explanation, and have Brock come out. Brock throws him around a bit, hit signatures, but Neville kicks out and eventually starts using his agility to block some of Brock's power moves (like sliding out of a powerbomb into a tumbling pass), hits a few moves, puts up a fight for at least 8 minutes before eventually knocking Brock down with a Shining Wizard. Neville goes for the Corkscrew Shooting Star, Brock dodges, F-5, pin. Cole puts over Neville's heart and toughness while JBL talks over how much of a beast Brock is.

    Oh, right, PPV feuds. Maybe we can get a compelling Cena/Lesnar title feud. Otherwise... does he have a compelling potential opponent other than Daniel Bryan?
  11. Haha lol part timer putting over young star in a good way. Oh Rain you never fail to make me laugh. :bitw:
  12. Hopefully a feud with Rock or maybe a returning Batista, but that's a long shot.
  13. Fuck him?

    Now seriously, maybe a title chance and having him at the top will be interesting
  14. He will be gone until the build for SS starts.
  15. Nah, I don't like part timers being WWE champs. I only want Brock to beat people up whether he loses or wins. Atm, got no idea who he should face after HHH. Any chances that they might go back to Rock/Brock at around SS? I'm sure Rock would be ready by then.
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