What do we do with the "high flyer"?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. So Evan Bourne is getting closer and closer to returning to active duty, wrestling some matches at NXT events with guys like Neville and Zayn (the former Generico). But what do we do with him?

    Where on the WWE main roster does Bourne serve the best purpose? Personally I'd use him in the tag division (as dead/asleep or whatever else you'd like to describe it as). With the right partner he could work very well there at least for those spot moments. Evan with Neville could be a really good high flying team (arguably the best high flying team in WWE history) but Neville is still on NXT but might be roster bound soon.

    How would you use Evan Bourne once he returns?
  2. Tag team him with someone as he is not going to win US/IC belt and there is no crusierweight division. He is a decent worker and with the right partner he like has already shown can do wonders for tag wrestling in wwe. Also i am sure i saw a pic of him recently online of him beefed up a bit?
  3. He's the perfect example of WWE's biggest issue. There's literally no good way to use the guy.
    Form a tag team with him? Yeah, and watch them not get any TV Time on a 3-hour Raw
    Put him in the mid-card and have him run at the IC belt? Yeah, sounds great. Call me when the IC Belt means something.
    Throw him in the Cruiserweight Division that they don't have for some inexplicable reason?
    Make him a jobber? Not when there are many fans who love wrestlers just like him and WWE currently doesn't feature any outside of NXT...
  4. He should stay in NXT as a jobber to up and comers. I have less than zero interest in seeing him on Raw or SD.
  5. The only way I could see him having any use is teaming with another high flyer like when he was paired with Kofi Kingston (Air Boom.)

    Otherwise, he's just another body on the card, there to put on good/great matches with others in the middle of the card, which will usually end with him jobbing (like with Orton, when he was involved in one of my favorite spots in the past several years when he was caught in an RKO midair.)
  6. But the same happens with Kidd. WWE has too many talented wasted. Hope neville and Ole! Bring back some high flying stuff to the main event
  7. I read once (from a source I don't remember) that Gabriel might have been getting a push (look where that went and that Kidd would tag with Bourne. When Kidd returns, why not give that a shot?
  8. Out of the options I guess I'd put him in a tag team.
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