What do you believe in?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Meshuggah, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. Serious thread. :bury:

    So, I like to think about the world, and life, and humanity as a whole. I have a really open mind, and think about this almost non stop, 24/7. So, I was thinking, how did humans end up on earth? What's your theory? What do YOU belive happend, how do YOU think we came to be here?

    People say God, others say Evolution, I, on the other hand, have a more out of the box theory that i'd like to share with all of you. This is a serious concept, so don't think im just being silly, or making fun of anyone.

    They say the universe is too big to hold only one planet with life on it. If this were true, then we would truly be a miracle to the universe itself. I use this to my theories a lot, like aliens(not green people...)etc...

    Anyway, I was thinking, about the whole, dinosaurs going extinct, and UFO sightings from the early ages of the earth, etc..what if these were all real? Now, just hang with me for a second guys..what if, humans existed long before earth was formed in the cosmos? What if, there was another planet, like earth, somewhere far out there, billions of years ago(the universe, I expect, has been around for a very long time...it shouldn't have took this long for humans to show up)that had human life on it? Humans like you and I? What if, they got so advanced in technology, and their planet got so destroyed by humanity itself(like whats happening to earth)that they actually could make flying technology that was so fast, that it could travel through the universe fast enough to find another planet that could harvest life? What if, they found earth, and landed here, what if, instead of meteors killing the dinosaurs, it was our ships landing here from another planet? But then again, that brings up the question, "well if we came from another planet, how were we created on that planet, and so on? Where was the first planet to harvest humans?" Well, how do we know, if not zillions of years ago, there was another species that actually MADE us with experiments? Thus, the humans were born?

    Basically, our old planet was being destroyed and getting way too overpopulated that we came up with the flying saucer(or whatever they called it themselves)and traveled through the galaxy and found earth? Landed here, killed the dinosaurs, and had to start from scratch since technology didn't exist on earth back then. How do you know, if in decades from now, we do the same exact thing? Earth gets so overpopulated and destroyed by ourselves, that we create something that can find other planets to be habital on, and travel there, and start a new civilization?(circle of life anybody?)and then religion and politics will start on that planet, along with technology, and slowly, but surely, we humans destroy every habital planet there is in the universe? We repeat our same mistakes from the last planet we were on, how do we know if that is not our destiny as a human being? We don't. Which is why this is just a theory.

    Anyone else have a theory on this or anything related?
  2. Seems pretty wild and unlikely. I approve.
    Beats creationism :jeritroll:

    P.s. Meshuggah sucks. :pity2:
  3. Metalcore fan?
  4. Well, everyone has their own opinion. I enjoy their music. Also, can you post something with a little creativeness and knowledge? Or are you not capable of such a thing? :dawg:

    I have dozens of well thought out reasons that back my theory up(not prove it right, back it up), do you have any reason for your own theory? Or do you not have a theory at all?

    Edit: I like metal overall, as well as rock. Zeppelin, Tool, Disturbed, Static X, Sabbath, Deep Purple, Suicidal Tendencies, Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah, Corrosion of Conformity, etc...too many to name.
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  5. No I cannot, sorry m8
    And no, I don't have a theory either lol.
  6. It's good. :downer: Anyone with a mind of their own actually want to reply and contribute to the thread?
  7. A little bit of everything, my friend. Science, some things from religion, Extraterrestrial life, and my own theories as well. Now, when I say that I believe in religion, I don't mean I am religious or believe in god for one second. If anything, I;m agnostic.

    However, I won't rule out SOME things from religion, I believe alien life and religion connect very close, for my own reasons. I believe in alien life, for my own reasons. Just years of studying and research lead me to believe in my own belief, which I call, "ALBOE"

    A Little Bit Of Everything. Take things from science, religion, etc... and put em together to make my own theories on life. Of course, I like to think for myself. No one knows when the earth first came into play, nor humanity. No one knows where humans came from, I believe we were sent here by aliens, thats my theory, I have many reasons for believing this, but I really want to share those reasons with people who will share their reason for believing how life began. No offense :finger: Oops, I mean :nogusta: Darn...wrong one, lets try this one more time...no offense...friend? :otunga: There we go :phew:
  8. Oops! Lol, sorry, I saw "What do you believe in" not realizing that it was the thread name. I thought you asked me a question. Apologies.

    Tell you more about what? Gotta be specific. I'll tell you my theories on anything. Alien life, religion, etc.. Pick your poison :pity:
  9. I'll let you decide
  10. I haven't dropped acid in awhile, so i haven't thought about it much.
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  11. I don't believe in anything.
  12. Lol'd
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  13. I believe in miracles! Where you from, you sexy thang?
  14. I'm the kind of people who thinks that we actually look for religions and we don't realize that life's the real religion, the way we pick and the way we follow during years, that's what I believe in
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  15. #Crayluminati
  16. That's fine. Are there any open minded people on the forum who would like to contribute to the conversation?

    People can believe what they want to believe. I believe in mostly alien life. Why? Because like said before by a researcher, the universe is too big to grasp concept. We only know what is possible and impossible within our reach, which, is not very far.

    We know of earth, and other planets close to earth, that's it. We don't know what is beyond the cosmos, what type of life beings exist out there, or what they are capable of doing. UFO sightings were reported in the prehistoric ages, long before religion OR science was even thought of. UFO sighting ARE real, there are real photos and REAL video of UFO sightings, whether or not little grey people control them, is up to us to think about. But there is proof of UFO's, or do you not believe your own eyes? You believe it when you see it, correct? Yet, even when we see it, we hate to grasp that it could exist. That is how the human mind works, we like to think we are right and know all about life and the universe, yet, we only know very little. We only know very little of earth as well. Which shows just how naive we as humans are. Which, is why I like to keep an open mind about everything.

    You don't report seeing something in the sky for millions of years, and it not be true. There were no flying technology in the egyptian and prehistoric ages, so how would they carve these drawings if they didn't know what they looked like? No one knew what a UFO or abduction was in the prehistoric ages, yet, their still able to draw UFO's abducting people? You say they just make this stuff up? Come on now...

    Toss religion aside for a little while, that wasn't my whole point on this, i'm talking about the extraterrestrial, other life beyond our reach. It's kind of hard to discuss this with people who put no effort into thinking about life as a whole, and what could or couldn't exist. Come on guys, back your theories up, make this a little more fun for me.
  17. Ok, about the alien life, I won't discuss they exist but I won't sure they don't exist because the truth is that I don't know if they do or not
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