What do you consider each Championship belt to be?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. For me:

    WWE Championship - The best of the best, the people who get main events consistently and make for dramatic appearances
    World Heavyweight Championship - People who can also win the WWE Championship, I considered it for people who are exactly what the title says "heavyweight"
    Intercontinental Championship - The people who are above the US Title belt and arent midcarders, but are getting to the main event scene (Rhodes, Ziggler, Etc)
    United States Championship - The midcarder belt
    Tag Team - The belt that's fit for the more athletic types and ones that can't make it at a higher level belt (I'm calling you out, Millions and Millions of Dollars)

    what do you think?
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  2. All the same as what I would put, but not the tag-team belt. I now see the tag-team belt as pure filler and would actually be annoyed if any of my favourite wrestlers were holding it.
  3. Pretty much.
    I'd like to see the cruiserweight belt back in action. Therefore people like Kidd & Gabriel can start getting more time.
  4. Agreed, many of us want it back to be honest. If I had it my way I'd merge the IC and US title together.
  5. ^ this, and A-Ry, Miz or Otunga would hold it.
  6. Miz? Hell no! I'd love heel Riley too though.
  7. WHAT!? Whats wrong with Miz?
  8. Miz needs to main event.
  9. Because the fact that he sucks? His terrible gimmick, his dumb face, his crappy theme?
  10. Nothing, that's the point. He's amazing, he belongs in the ME :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Zach's a hater :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. The WWE and WHC mean you're at the top of the mountain. They are the best their specific brand has to offer (except that renders the WHC meaningless now). The tag belts symbolize the best tag team, if the tag division was built to feel important, they'd be important. Honestly, I see the mid-card belts as nothing more than meaningless filler.
  12. You best be trolling!? Miz marks UNITE! :tough:
  13. I've never been a fan of him...

    For me, A-Ry, Kidd, Gabriel, etc, would be good for the belt.
  14. WWE: Main Eventer
    WHC: B-Show Main Eventer
    US/IC/Tag: Mean nothing and tend to drag people down.
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  15. They're just belts to me now. They don't really have much meaning. Having the WWE or WHC title doesn't even mean you've made it to the top of the mountain, feuding with John Cena (apparently) does since he is clearly above the belts now. (Although for what it's worth, I consider the WWE Title to be more prestigious, because it's the real title with the history of Bruno/Hogan/Savage/Austin/Rock/etc. Although the WHC definitely has the best physical look of any belt ever.)

    Unify the world titles, unify the mid-card titles (IC and US), make the tag team titles special again and do whatever you want with the women's title, and then the belts will have a chance of being meaningful again.
  16. WWE- Mid card belt unless Cena has it
    WHC- curtain jerker belt used to open PPVs
    IC- decent belt for solid upper midcarders
    US- laughable joke of a belt that means nothing in it's current state (and hasn't ever since the Ryder/Ziggler feud)
    Divas- slightly more prestigious than the US belt at this point
    Tag team- biggest shame in the entire wrestling industry- the WWE tag team belts. Ugly as shit. Used to keep Kofi Kingston busy
  17. All the same for me
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