What do you do to yourself before going out?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. This thread does confirm that this forum has indeed turned gay but I ask: How do you prepare yourself before you go out? Not even anywhere that smart just with mates/girlfriend etc.

    The reason I ask is last week I was going out for a game of football, I just made sure my hair looked okay - no tufts etc. I'd set off a little early so I popped round to my mates' house so I had folks to walk with. I went in and they both did their hair using gel, wax and hairspray, they then started using some pencil thing to colour in their eyebrows?! I enquired into why they did all this before going for a game of football and they looked at me as if I was the weird one? Additionally I noticed a pair of straighteners at the other side of the room but I didn't even both asking.

    So, what better to do than ask the posters of WWEforums.net as to what they do when they go on a night out/school/college/uni etc?
  2. I dont go out
  3. I fix my hair before I go out the door any day unless it is a hat day. I also always put on some aftershave everyday but only the tiniest of amounts and make sure I have clean clothes. Coloring in eyebrows I have no need of since I have quite defined ones already.
  4. Literally nothing. Gell if it's somewhere nice.
  5. Okay those two posts have just restored my faith in humanity a little. Thought I was the only one who wasn't obsessed with male grooming these days !
  6. To clarify I make sure I look good before I head out but not that I look like some male model bullshit.
  7. It's quite common. Loads of my mates are the same. My attitude on life is literally "Who cares what anyone else thinks?", it's the best attitude to have.
  8. Mine as well, they all wear like the exact same shit out as well so they all fit into some sort of mould, just wear what you're happiest in not what everyone wants you to?

    Anyway I'm going off on a tangent, I don't understand some things in life at all lol.
  9. To be yourself is always the best. It's when you is the most comfortable in your own skin that you succeed.
  10. Not much to be honest just run a comb through my hair to get rid of my bed head and the three norms shit, shower and shave!
  11. Take a shower, shave, put on deodorant, if my afro has grown in pick it out, put on cologne or axe, put on clean clothes, and then I watch Cody rhodes Dashing grooming tips to see what else to do.
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  12. I eat a donut like a fat pig and then take a dump, so I feel easier.
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  13. I usually have a poo to avoid having to go when I'm out, most public toilets are disgusting also shave your pubes as you never know you might get lucky. Finally aftershave is a must IMO, get a few decent colognes. I always feel better if I smell decent.
  14. Maybe go tanning, work out a little, shave, take a shower, put clean clothes on, fix my hair, some nice cologne and I'm out..
  15. I do all besides the pube shaving, it makes them all itchy and let's be honest, the only time I'll ever get lucky is probably a fat bird who won't care about the state of my pubes.


    I need someone with a computer to insert a señor Chang video just now.
  16. Not sure if Seabs means baby's bottom shaving or just a trim. If it's the first I'll be launching gay chants at him for at least a month.
  17. Put on deodrant, aftershave, have a crap, fix bedhair.
  18. I shower.
  19. Then just walk out the door ? That takes confidence.
  20. I sometimes put deoderant on too, that's only sometimes.
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