What do you do when you can't sleep?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jun 30, 2014.

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  1. So I went to bed at 12... woke up 10 minutes ago. My hands have bites or something on them that itch so damn bad I can't sleep... Uggg!

    What do you do when you can't sleep?
  2. Watch TV/porn
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  3. Yeah... porn sounds good right about now.

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  4. read random crap, watch random crap, lurk this forum, play something like Tetris or Solitaire, :fap:
  5. Put a podcast on and listen to that with the volume low.
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  6. I am reading about bugs. I am so paranoid. I keep getting bites all over me and I itch BAD. Mostly getting them on my hands, arms and feet. I checked the cats for fleas and found nothing. Actually found two bed bugs in a chair a few days ago and through it out. Since then I have checked the bed and everything and have not seen anything else yet here I am, still getting bit. It is driving me nuts. I can barely sleep and when I wake up with bites in the middle of the night like tonight, I can't go back to sleep no matter how tired I am. I sprayed my hands and feet with alcohol and I am sitting on the floor. lol
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  7. That don't do much as I sleep with music, words, hz frequencies every night on my ipod. lol
  8. Yeah, I sleep with music on too. If I really can't sleep I have a hypnotherapy tape that I'll play too.
  9. I am so damn tired. My issue is having bites on me. If something is itchy on my skin it will keep me awake for days. I use to get bad insomnia so little things like that can keep me awake easily. I spent many times being awake for 30+ hours at a time when I was younger. It is not fun. lol

  10. I totally get it. I'm having a pretty bad bout of insomnia myself. I'm awake until at least 4am, every day and have been for... well I don't know how many weeks now.
    Have you tried putting ice on the bites?
  11. Watch Total Divas.
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  12. Oh yes, the first thing I did. haha It helped for a little while then didn't do much after. I used some calamine on them and rubbing alcohol with seemed to ease it a little bit. What sucks is I just had chicken pox like a month ago for the first time (only mild thank GOD) but to have bug bites showing up right after.. My skin looks like it was in a war zone. I have so many cuts, scrapes, scabs on my arms. I don't bite my nails so my nails are quite sharp and I don't even realize I scratch so hard until I see blood.

    And I was having issues with sleeping for over a year. I finally got into the habit of falling asleep by midnight. I was up till 4, 5 even 6am most nights before this. I just couldn't fall asleep till the sun was coming up. I swore I was a vampire for awhile lol
  13. I would but breaking my TV or my laptop would not be a good idea. lolol
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  14. :damn:

    Ghost bugs most definitely
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. I can make a CO2 trap and kill the sonsa bitches :tough:
  17. lol @ you still being up

    bugs: 1
    you: 0

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  18. Just become nocturnal :true:
  19. :cry:

    I know right. Damn things are stealing my blood and my sleep!! :why:
  20. rub one out to all of Brita's old duck face avatars I have saved to my computer
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