What do you do while you poo?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. I make threads in the locker room. I usually mess with my cell phone/lap top while I take a poo. Often, I finish my poo and sit there for a good 10-15 mins and continue to read. How about you? What do you do while you poo?
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  2. Sit on my phone and chief the ecig. I normally sit in there for longer than I should.
  3. I usually browse the forum and post as I normally do, I also just sit there for a while and carry on afterwards. I don't know about you, but the toilet is the second most comfortable place to me besides my bed.
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  4. Usually read or play something on my Ipod. Lately it's been this silly but addicting "Temple Run" app. Will sit on the toilet hours at a time. Fapping and pooping > life.
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  5. Glad we can all agree lol I'm always doing sweet stuff on the can
  6. Games, forum, porn, iPod. Lots of good stuff.
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  7. Ahh the good life <3
  8. It's really the only place in the house where I have time to myself.
  9. I don't know.........push?
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  10. I don't do anything other than go to the bathroom when I have to go. I get in and out of there so I'm never in there longer than I have to be.
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  11. Psssh, miss classy over here.
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  12. It takes 3 seconds to get my shit out :sandow:
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  13. I've never understood why people sit on the toilet to read a magazine or a book. I don't find it comfortable to sit on a hard toilet :lol1:
  14. Sounds boring. I bring my TV, food, friends and we have a party.
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  15. You don't find it comfortable sitting on a lot of hard things, do you?

    God, I didn't want to post that.
  16. Typical :pity2:
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  17. Same as @geekgoddess. Can't concentrate if I'm reading or something else.
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  18. read books, it keeps me on the shitter longer tbh.
  19. play games on mobile.:yes:
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  20. Well the thing is for men, the only time you actually sit on the toilet is when you need to make a fudge dragon. So obviously unless you have an illness that makes you shit like a rapid fire cannon, you'll be there for a little bit. It's not that sitting on the toilet is super comfortable and that we'd go out of our way to replace all soft comfy things with toilets, It's just that you feel really relaxed after taking a brown bomb. So I usually just play about on my phone and then whatever.
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